Starting a truly innovative tech company is tough in today’s world. With so many brilliant ideas available via open sourcing, it seems like every idea has been tried and tested a thousand times already.

But then you meet entrepreneurs such as Sergey Young and Jessica Maslin, who’ve been successful at creating something that will change our lives in the years to come. These tech luminaries have founded companies, beaten the odds and have been beyond successful in ways one can only dream of.

These men and women are obviously doing something right. Here at Technowize-Best Technology Magazine, we take a look at their work which has now made them household names.

Most Innovative People

Sergey Young – Founder, Longevity Vision Fund

Sergey Young Headshot Most Innovative People

Sergey Young, Founder, Longevity Vision Fund

A highly acclaimed technologist and investor, Sergey Young, is making longevity his lifelong mission. Young is the founder of the $100 million Longevity Vision Fund, whose goal is to accelerate the most promising longevity breakthroughs and make them accessible and affordable for all. His investment in human longevity, online education, digital healthcare, and real estate technologies spans over 20 years, making him one of the most qualified experts in this field.

Sergey Young Visioneering most innovative people to watch

Sergey Young, Founder, Longevity Vision Fund

Longevity Vision Fund was launched in February 2019, and in those eight months has come a long way. LVF has assembled am impressive Advisory Board of five leading longevity scientists: Vadim Gladyshev, Aubrey De Gray, Richard Faragher, Joao de Magalhaes, and Morten Scheibye-Knudsen.

Sergey Young is on the Innovation Board of XPRIZE Foundation and a Development Sponsor of Longevity XPRIZE. He is also on the Financial Advisory Board for the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Longevity.

Alex Lam – Vice President and Head of the North America Strategy Office

Alex Lam most innovative people to watch

Alex Lam, Vice President and Head of the North America Strategy Office at Fujitsu

Alex is Vice President and Head of the North America Strategy Office at Fujitsu, one of the world’s leading information and communication technology (ICT) companies, with over $46 billion in annual revenue across more than 100 countries and 162,000 employees.

At Fujitsu, Alex Lam leads the Global Product Business strategy organization for the North American market and oversees strategic planning and business development for Fujitsu’s global solutions (Enterprise, AI, SDx) with key Silicon Valley and US-based technology companies. In his role, Lam spearheaded the launch of the Fujitsu Solutions Lab, a technology partner incubator and customer POC showcase for Fujitsu’s Enterprise data center solutions with innovative IT technology partners.

Alex Lam is also spearheading a team at the Fujitsu Solutions Lab that promises to revolutionize the emerging ARM server segment with the company’s own A64FX processor to develop the next generation of supercomputers. Cray says it will be the first supercomputer vendor to license Fujitsu’s A64FX Arm-based processor with high-bandwidth memory (HBM) for exascale computing.  Fujitsu has also collaborated with RIKEN to develop the Fugaku supercomputer, comprised of over 150,000 high-performance CPUs connected together.

Jessica Maslin & Josh Dubon – Co-founders, MieronVR

 Jessica Maslin, Co-founder, MieronVR Most Innovative People

Jessica Maslin, Co-founder, MieronVR

Jessica Maslin and Josh Dubon are the co-founders of Mieron, the World’s First Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy system that helping to rehabilitate patients all over the world. MieronVR, the company’s brand new virtual reality technology is being used by doctors and medical practitioners help patients rehabilitate from spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.

The Mieron library is full of locomotive training exercises, trunk stability, strength and conditioning, upper body mobility, lower body mobility, balance and stability exercises that complement physical therapy and occupational therapy practices. The goal is to improve range of motion, execution of tasks, independence by improved mobility, and mental wellness.

Josh Dubon As Most Innovative People

Josh Dubon, Co-founder, MieronVR

There are two versions of the device currently in production, the Mieron Pro, which is used in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, and the newly-created Mieron Go, which is a consumer version that patients can use at home.

Mieron Tech 3 Most Innovative People

Mieron Tech

Brian Gill – Co-founder, Gillware, Inc.

Most Innovative People

Brian Gill, Co-founder, Gillware, Inc.

In 2004, Brian Gill co-founded one of the world’s most successful data recovery labs with his brother Tyler and PhD Greg Piefer. The trio, along with their business partners and Greg’s family, then founded Phoenix Nuclear Labs, which currently manufactures the strongest compact neutron generators in the world.

Brian Gill was on the board of PNL when it was decided to spin off medical isotope startup SHINE Medical Technologies to tackle the Mo-99 crisis. Over 56,000 American patients are imaged every day and over 30 medical procedures require Mo-99, and as of 2018 0% of the world’s supply of Mo-99 is produced in the US.

Most recently, he has teamed up with worldwide forensics thought leader Cindy Murphy to found Gillware Digital Forensics. Past successes have allowed him to make over a dozen angel investments, most recently in Medaware Systems, Pacifica Labs and Allergy Amulet.