When the Razr was released in February, it was a much-hyped vision of the future. It was one of the first modern smartphones that could be folded into the half with a foldable display. However, the phone had a problem when it was launched, and it was called the Galaxy Z Flip. Because the Z Flip feature had premium specifications and was available on many more phones at a lower price, the charm of the phone got lost in thin air.  However, now Motorola is giving a new chance at it again after six months. Motorola made numerous changes to the Razr, added 5G feature, reduced the Motorola Razr price to $1,400, and launched it.

Everything about the new Razr phone is sparkling: new build, upgraded specs, enhanced cameras, the software as well as the cost. However, it lacks dual speakers, headphone jack, headphones, wireless charging and a good refresh rate display.

News Razr Flip Phone

Look and Feel of Motorola Razr

The Razr is available in three colours of polished granite, blush gold and liquid mercury. The new phone’s edge is more tapered, and there is a new aluminium frame which adds to the premium look and feels. At the core of its foldability, there is the Zero Gap hinge mechanism way back from the February model, though some advancement were done.

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Motorola Razr

The springs of the phone are tighter, making the screen more firm and can be flipped open with one hand. The volume rocker and power button are located on opposite sides of the phone which makes it less confusing.

The Razr phone has a 6.2-inch internal OLED display constructed of five separate layers and sealed with a hard coating on the top. Though the phone is not IP-rated for any water or dust protection, it does have a water repellent nano-coating sealed on the internal components and the exterior portion of the phone.

Camera and Processor of Razr Motorola

The primary camera of the Razr flip has 48 megapixels and uses pixel binning to reduce the image noise and brighten up shots in medium- to low-light situations. There is also optical image stabilization, which gives longer shutter speeds in low lights. There is also a time-of-flight sensor in the camera that helps to focus efficiently for portrait mode photos. On the top of the interior display is an upgraded selfie camera with a 20-megapixel sensor. Snapdragon 765G processor powers the phone, 8GB of RAM and a 2,800-mAh battery with a 15-watt Turbo Charging feature.

New Razr Phone Software and Display

The new Razr is upgraded with 256GB of storage and runs on Android 10, which brings new features especially to the exterior Quick View display. When the phone is locked and closed, the user can wave their hand over it or tap on the power button to use the outside screen on the Peek Display mode. This lets the person see the notifications just by pressing and holding onto an icon.

During the same time when the Razr is closed and unlocked, the Quick View display transforms it to a mini Android phone. Users can swipe down to see the control panel, swipe up to check the notifications, swipe left to switch on the camera and swipe right check the selected apps. One can also use apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Gmail on the small display and type with a mini keyboard. Motorola also upgraded the phone by offering users an addictive game named Astro Odyssey.  The February Razr model only had an eSIM, but the new upgraded Razr supports dual-SIM: a physical nano-SIM card and an eSIM.