‘Free’, a word that draws eyes and excites us all. Add that before ‘movies’ and we get the drools from movie buffs. Every film enthusiast knows how important their film libraries are. They also know how painful it can get to open different accounts to check and select from their film list. Movies Anywhere app seems to promise to bridge that gap.

What’s the buzz all about?

Movies Anywhere is a Disney initiative and the first Hollywood studio that came up with the concept of a ‘digital movie locker’. This free app that launches tonight is a must-download to bring all your favorite films strewn over different digital retailers, to one common platform. The app’s name explains itself as it allows you to carry your prized collection with you, anywhere you go to.

Partners in Crime:

The free app and the digital locker is backed with contents from the giants in Hollywood- Walt Disney, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Film, Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers Entertainment. Fans of Iron Man and Hunger Games might need to hold their breath for a little longer as talks are still going on with Paramount and Lionsgate who are not a part of this collaboration yet.

The app allows a total of 7300 films that one can search through and is available to IOS, Android and Roku users. Movie enthusiasts will be able to link their Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play and iTunes accounts to this app. Although it looks like a cake walk, what is to be seen, is how user friendly they make their app.

Movies Anywhere

At the app launch.
Image credit: Movies Anywhere

Easy Squeezy:

The app is directed at sweeping away the trouble of going through different digital shelves just to find the right film for your mood. Imagine going through all the films you have stacked up in different accounts, by the time you open and shut through the various shelves, your buzz gets killed. This app aims to help you from wasting all that time by serving it all to you in one hub. The app -if it hits the right pulse- could be a cherry on the icing for all those who have stored films on different platforms.

An additional surprise is that it allows you to search for new films. If you wish to buy them, it redirects you to the payment page of the digital retailer company. So no longer does one have to search for a film on different sites. Movies Anywhere does it all here. The  app also allows you to switch onto different sites. Despite this, it will resume from where you left it last.

Movies Anywhere was already existing three years ago, but it only offered Disney and Disney owned films. But by collaborating with other studios there is more to serve on the platter. The app users will receive two free films on linking an account to one digital retailer. And three films will be gifted after linking their second account.

Full accommodation, No discrimination:

It caters to a variety of movie enthusiasts. These can be adults, children, crime and mystery lovers, fantasy followers, and the list goes on. Hollywood has always been audience-friendly and spares no expenses in entertaining them. If the app is a success, it is sure to have a lot of people on board. With the searching activity made more convenient and user-friendly, Movies Anywhere could end up having users everywhere.