In today’s tech-savvy world, every task is done with a tap. There are plenty of apps that can do tasks on your behalf, all you need to do is install them on your smartphone and order it to do things. There is an app for accomplishing every task and getting everything done. But have you installed some of the must-know apps that would make your life easier?

must-know apps

If not, here are our top picks of must-know apps from different categories that might help you to get things done in a lot easier way:

Popular Apps of the Week

Category: Music

Grammofy – Classical Music Streaming (Free + IAP)

Are you in love with classical music? Yes? Good, because this is one of the must-know apps for you. The app offers a great variety of classical music streaming. Grammofy is also one of those companies trying to sort out ways for a monthly access to the catalogue of new and old works. The app includes in-app charges and collections of classical songs recommended by editors.

Category: 3D Touch

Launch Center Pro

It’s a utility, which allows you to create shortcuts for complex actions on iPhone. There are lots of individuals who prefer hiding popular applications in various folders on their home screen’s back page as it’s way easier to use features of these apps by launching Launch Center Pro. 3D Touch allows you to launch such actions from the home screen directly. So there’s no need to tap and wait for the application to launch. A single touch gesture is enough.

Category: Personal Assistant App

Hound (iOS, Android)

Hound provides you with deep and fast results to what you ask for, such as placing a phone call, sending a text message, looking up the weather, finding a restaurant that matches your detailed criteria, checking the stock market, navigating to an address, searching and playing music, and even playing interactive games.

It understands both context and details. So, you can either follow up to filter your results, or you can say precisely what you want all at once. Suppose you ask for the weather in New York and then ask for Chinese Restaurants there, then Hound will understand that you are looking for Chinese Restaurants in New York.

Category: Goal-setting app


If Siri and Cortana are not enough for motivating you, download an app like stickK, which will cost you real money for not completing your goals on time.

This app will let you pre-commit to tasks before beginning them. Then this app will make you lay down some money, and will lock the cash until you finish the task. In case you fail to accomplish your goal, this money will be donated to charity. Additionally, it will donate to a charity you hate the most. So, no one wants to donate money to the organization they don’t like. Thus, this app will make you do things so that you do not end up donating to the organization you despise.

This app is available for free for Android and iPhone.