Swiss start-up MyKronoz has announced the world’s first hybrid smartwatch with real mechanical hands. The premium looking MyKronoz ZeTime hybrid smartwatch is a fusion of the classic timepiece design and modern technology functions.

MyKronoz ZeTime hybrid timepiece

The smartwatches are available in the market at par, but MyKronoz offers something unique. The sophisticated ZeTime timepiece integrates the traditional mechanical hands with the high-end, full-color touchscreen. To mount the watch hands to the center of ZeTime’s high-resolution TFT color display, MyKronoz took a different approach. There is a hole drilled at the center of the MyKronoz ZeTime console onto which the hand gears are placed. The mechanical hands possess the power of Smart Movement technology that updates the time automatically according to the location. The unique approach of developing the smartwatch led the Swiss-based company to garner $115,000 for the $50,000 goal.

The high-end specs

The highlight of the ZeTime hybrid smartwatch is its multi-layer technology that infuses a TFT color monitor, a touch panel, mechanical hands and resistant Gorilla glass. MyKronoz claims that mechanical hands will give you an appealing experience and won’t be a hindrance in the way of the screen. You could easily sideline the hands while using the touch screen for performing any activity; for instance, checking emails.

MyKronoz ZeTime

The MyKronoz hybrid console with the classic look and modern enhancements has the svelte stainless steel watchcase of 44mm; exclusively featuring premium Swiss design. The watch facilitates easy screen navigation and menu switching. The navigation process requires only a simple rotation of the watch dial bezels. Pressing the watch dial lets you select an item or validate a menu.

Track activity right from your wrist

Provided its 3 LED optical sensor, the MyKronoz smartwatch has the capability to track the heart rate automatically and also there is a manual option. Moreover, it is waterproof with the rating enough to protect the console for up to 30 meters deep. MyKronoz claims that it will not pose a problem even if you use it while swimming.

The ZeTime has wide options available for the wristbands covering sports silicon, leather bands, and metal straps. The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS and comes with some pre-installed apps. Right from your wrist, you can track activity and sleep, monitor the weather and control music as well as other necessary apps.

Battery Life

The Watch has 200 mAh lithium ion battery which lets the watch work up to around one month on a single charge.

 ZeTime Price and Release

The MyKronoz ZeTime will start shipping in September. The hybrid smartwatch is moderately priced with starting price US $199.

The Closing Comment

With the technological advancement, the smartwatches are very much in trend and so you have many options available in the market. But up till now, the ZeTime stands out with the up-town hybrid design and high-end specs; all at a lower price tag. It doesn’t lack in providing you the specs that you would expect from a smartwatch. The activity tracking, sleep and heart-rate monitoring system fulfills your fitness concern also; though not up to cent percent. But the unique and high-end sporting at $199 is worth every penny.