It’s difficult to rule out notions surrounding the ongoing smartphone market strategy: more cameras, better pictures. And mobile phone companies yet to leverage the technology would rarely please their fans for denying them an opportunity to explore the new way of taking photos. Leaks of a possibly new Motorola flagship posted at CashKaro may indicate that the Schaumburg, Illinois-based Telecommunications Company is not letting its fans down.

Leaked images of the possibly quad-camera Motorola flagship, which showed up at CashKaro in courtesy of OnLeaks, suggests that the company may be planning for something better than the G7 Series it unveiled barely two months ago. Having, before now, conceded the high-end space to competitors like Samsung and LG, Motorola could be throwing up a lifeline with the mystery quad-camera phone and could look forward to establishing a competing flagship.

Available details of the mystery Motorola flagship

Aside from the square-shaped Motorola cameras arrangement, other details include the device’s 6.2-inch display that will feature a water-drop notch and an in-display fingerprint sensor. Notable in the leaked images are a USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack. The phone is relatively slim and could share the same size factor with Motorola G7 Power. The mystery Motorola flagship would fall far behind other high-end smartphones if the company decides to go on with the water-drop notch we saw in Moto G7. However, other features, including the camera technology, would contribute to the flagship’s success.

In all similar phones, their multiple rear cameras have been implemented using two ways. The most common method, available in Samsung’s Galaxy S10, features camera lenses of different types for different photographic effects. The other method, available in Nokia 9 PureView with 5 cameras, allows several iterations of the lenses to capture better detail of a scene at different exposures. It’s unclear how Motorola plans to implement these cameras. However, there are indications that the company could follow Nokia’s unique multiple camera array. The Motorola cameras are all looking identical and one of the pictures depicts a camera array with “48MP” label. Nokia 9 PureView features identical 12-megapixel lenses.

Motorola is reportedly developing a triple-camera phone that could launch as the Moto P40 Note or the Moto G8. The phone’s three rear cameras will be arranged vertically and the phone will feature a “hole punch” display. This contradicts the company’s plan to use the water-drop notch in the mystery flagship.

Other details such as battery capacity, processor chip, price and release date of the quad-camera phone remain unknown. It’s not even clear if the mystery Motorola flagship will ever make it to the market.