Knock! Knock! New Android Apps are in store! Are you aware of these hidden gems? Probably not. It’s quite evident that almost everyday loads of new Android apps get listed on the Google Play Store. But does everyone out of them call for a detailed discussion? Certainly not. Rather, only a handful of them are worth mentioning. 

However, among the sea of new Android apps out there, we have curated some really cool ones. These are refreshingly new, manage to tick many right boxes and become very useful at times, in facilitating a seamless performance of your device or offering a dose of revitalizing entertainment to take care of your monotony or boredom. 

Without much ado, let’s dive in the pool of these cool Android apps, all of which have been freshly minted. Here you go!

Cool Android Apps

You can try these new Android apps without any hesitation. They might well manage to bring in a much needed change in your otherwise monotonous Play Store journey. Come on, play along! [Image Credit: Freepik]

New Android Apps: Embrace the Cool Breeze 

We have taken many important parameters into consideration, before crafting this list of latest Android apps that you can’t afford to miss. And finally, the below mentioned ones, managed to make the cut, thanks to their respective set of USPs. Now let’s delve deeper with them.


Come what may, the fan following of word games hasn’t dwindled a bit. And if you are someone who loves to solve crosswords, scribbles through newspapers every morning, then look no further. This gem of a word game is for you.

Wordicate is bound to rekindle your passion for intense brainstorming to work out mazes formed by words. Here, you need to rearrange letters on a screen and the words will automatically fill in the blanks on the crossword portion of the screen. The moment all of the boxes are filled in, you will emerge victorious.

With effortless ease, you would be able to track your score and gradually move on to the next round. Moreover, there won’t be any dearth of levels along with exciting stuff like leaderboards, which adds spice to the fun. 

Wordicate is certainly one of the most interesting Android apps to come out lately. The fact that it’s completely free and does away with all sorts of in-app purchases, appears as a cherry on the top. 


Even if you are not a conservationist, Energio will be a really handy app for you. For, it facilitates in seamlessly tracking your energy consumption. It brings an array of smart functions on the table that allow you to keep a tab on your daily usage of electricity, water and gas. 

With the help of this information, you can easily estimate your energy costs and manage them almost effortlessly. There’s also the option to add readings right from energy meters as well.

In a nutshell, Energio is one of the most cool Android apps at the moment, and at a time when we are desperately trying to find new ways to combat the global energy crisis, it becomes a perfect companion for anyone who’s willing to contribute to that battle. 

Resonance of the Ocean

Resonance of the Ocean is a fascinatingly beautiful game that works as a great stressbuster. Here you roam around an island while collecting various things washed up on shore. You have to collect them and create instruments with the help of them. These instruments unlock sounds from the ocean, which are probably the most relaxing sounds you have ever heard in your life. 

The sounds are really soothing to the ears and the mind. Brilliantly coupled with amazing hand-drawn graphics and simplistic gameplay, Resonance of the Ocean manages to pull a lovely experience off. 

Even if you are not a game nerd who would be immersed in a Steam Deck, you can’t help but fall in love with Resonance of the Ocean. It doesn’t cost you a single penny to start off and comes with absolutely no in-app purchases or ads which become a spoilsport. 


Trendio happens to be a unique customer, as it travels freely between a shopping app and an entertainment app. It boasts of a bunch of videos from brands, which exhibit various beauty products. 

Here, you will get to watch a glimpse of influencers using the products. This enables you to get a fair idea about how they work and look. 

Though at times, the app might feel like an advertisement, it’s actually extremely helpful. From live events where you can catch products used in real-time, to a host of brands represented on the app, Trendio has a lot to offer. It’s completely free-to-use and doesn’t roll out any in-app purchases. 

You can try these new Android apps without any hesitation. They might well manage to bring in a much needed change in your otherwise monotonous Play Store journey. Come on, play along! 

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