The invention of the internet has shaped the world of content tremendously. It has now amplified exponentially, caters varied categories and turned dynamic in nature. This evolution of communication era has greatly influenced the writing and reading experiences in daily life. To put it simple terms, the ubiquitous chat style communication has even replaced the concept of writing stories in longer formats.

This being said, the story-tellers have adopted the current trend of communication for the love of writing and to keep it interactive, engaging and fun. Following this, now the app stores are full of chat style stories reading apps. Technowize has consolidated a list of best text message style stories reading apps of 2018.

Stories Apps in Chat Style

1. Chat style Stories Apps : Yarn

Feature as one of the best apps of the year 2017 under Apple’s category –Reading Reinvent, Yarn is developed to make reading fun, fast and fabulous. It homes a huge collection of stories narrated in text message style. While reading the story, it seems like you are sneaking through someone else’s phone and scrolling through their chats. The Yarn conversations and episodes are updated daily!

In the new type of reading apps, the content of the stories is also different than the traditional fiction. It could be as diverse as a hypothetical conversation between two celebs or a hilarious gang-chat after accidentally liking an ex’s photo on social media platform or a suspenseful mystery you just can’t put down.

Available On: iOS, Android

Subscription Fee: The Weekly subscription is charged at $4.99/week, the Monthly subscription is available at $19.99/month and the Annual subscription costs $99.99/year.

chat style stories apps 01-Yarn

Yarn Screenshot. Source: Yarn

2. Stories Apps in Chat style : HOOKED

As the name suggests, HOOKED chat style stories reading app hooks up the reader with its amazing chat content. It also allows for writing your own story and uploading. Interestingly, each new day brings a new story on this best chat style stories app.

Written in the text message format conversations, each story is shown as a series of chat lines, and readers press “next” to read it at a single time. HOOKED chat style stories can open through back-and-forth conversations also.

The chat stories app features a Netflix inspired category browser for selecting stories. The novice readers can simply click on the next story that appears in a Snapchat-style once they are done with the earlier one.

Hooked also found a place in Apple’sApps of the Year 2017 for revolutionizing reading habit.

Available On: iOS, Android

Subscription Fee: It is $4.99 weekly, $14.99 monthly, $39.99 yearly.

chat style stories apps 02-Hooked

HOOKED Screenshot. Source: HOOKED

3. Stories Apps in Chat style : Tap by Wattpad

The ardent readers will just love Tap. The Tap Originals keeps the users captivated with its exclusive story content including video calls, images, and sound. Surprisingly, the reading app by Wattpad allows readers to choose their own endings.

The stories in Tap are available in bite-sized text format in ten languages. Read the addictive chat style stories ranging from horror, romance, to sci-fi, fanfic, and group chat drama for free. The content is refreshed on daily basis.

So, engross into thrilling stories that unfold as one line at a time, as if you are reading other’s text messages. Tap by Wattpad appeared in “Reading Reinvent” category of Apple’s App of the Year 2017.

Available On: iOS, Android

Subscription Fee:– Subscriptions are $3.99/week and $9.99/month.

chat style stories apps 03-Tap-by- Wattpad

Tap Screenshot. Source: Tap

4. Stories Apps in Chat Style : ReadIt

The rise of chat stories encouraged developers of ReadIt to create a refined and innovative platform in the category. The app houses numerous original fictional content offered in tens of languages. The stories unveil in fictional text formats as the reader taps at the bottom of the screen leading each message to open

The story chat app made to the Best App of the Year 2017 in Reading Reinvent category of Apple Store. You can download ReadIt for free.

Available On: iOS, Android

Subscription Fee: The subscription is $3.99 per week, $9.99 per month and $51.99 for annual access.

Text Stories App

chat style stories apps 07-READIT

ReadIt Screenshot. Source: ReadIt

5. Stories Apps in Chat Style : TextingStory

TextingStory chat story app is a platform to unleash a writer’s creativity. The user may write a conversation in the chat stories reading app, convert it into a video story and share with the friends. This is a free app and it costs minimal to use additional features to create an advanced video. For instance, if you want to add photos and GIFs to the story, it is available at $0.99. Similar price is quoted for adding sound to the text message story. However to remove the credit from the video, that is, “” will cost $4.99.

Available On: iOS, Android

Subscription Fee: Almost Free

chat style stories apps 04-TextingStory

TextingStory Screenshot. Source: TextingStory

6. Stories Apps in Chat Style : Lure

For the ardent reader, Lure is a top quality chat text message style stories read app. The content is written by Lure’s own writing team. The stories are written in a variety of genres including traditional ones. The app is full of short and snappy stories, thrillers, horror narratives, fun group chats and more. The users just need to tap the screen to reveal the next segment of the story, keeping them at the edge of their seats.

Available On: iOS, Android

Subscription Fee: Weekly subscription is priced at $2.99 per week, a Monthly subscription is priced at $7.99 per month, and Yearly subscription is priced at $39.99 per year.

chat style stories apps 05-Lure

Lure Screenshot. Source: Lure

7. Stories Apps in Chat Style : Amazon Rapids

How can we leave kids away from this new reading trend? Amazon Rapids is specifically developed for kids’ ages 5-12 years to streamline their interaction with digital devices. Rather than playing videos games on mobiles, Amazon Rapids transforms it into a fun and engaging reading gadget.

Amazon Rapids is a new reading app that presents stories in a dialogue format combined with vivid illustrations. The chat story app by Amazon comprises thousands of illustrated short stories delivered in a playful and exceptional format.

Kids can read the short stories on their own pace as the next dialogue in the chat style story opens only when the reader tap on the screen. Amazon Rapids aims to inculcate an independent reading habit in pupils from a younger age. The reading app also features Read Along system for full-cast audio, or read aloud together. Kids can tap on a word to hear its correct pronunciation. There is an in-built glossary in the app, something similar to the Kindle.

There is another segment available in Amazon Rapid called Signature Stories. The stories are written in the same Rapids format, however, the protagonists belong to popular children’s brands.

Available On: iOS, Android

Subscription Fee: Unlimited access for $2.99/month or $29.99/year.