The first gameplay footage of the new Deadrop game is already doing the rounds throughout the social media platforms amidst controversial claims by Dr. Disrespect, the key figure behind this new AAA game. Call of Duty is rated as one of the pioneers of the FPS games’ genre and the upcoming game from Dr. Disrespect’s recently-launched development house, Midnight Society, has sparked fiery debates online by announcing that it’s going to ‘blow away’ the popular franchise.

Why there’s so much hype around the new Deadrop game?

Dr. Disrespect is a revered YouTuber with more than four million subscribers on the platform. Guy Beahm or Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV to be precise, is the real man behind the pseudonym of Dr. Disrespect. The ‘doctor’ streams popular video games on the Google-owned platform and enjoys a crazy fan following across the global gaming community. Recently, he came forward to announce the grand arrival of his own studio Midnight Society. The buzz was growing about the development house’s first-ever launch. Since the new Deadrop game was unveiled online, it has drawn jaw-dropping numbers in terms of the digital footprint.

New Deadrop Game

Popular YouTuber Dr. Disrespect’s brand-new studio’s debut project, Deadrop, throws open the challenge to the blockbuster FPS franchise Call of Duty, becomes social media sensation overnight. [Image Credit: Midnight Society]

What’s new in the new Deadrop game?

Deadrop, which was earlier known as “Project Moon,” has declared that it’s associated with many firsts. One of the foremost of them being the “the world’s first vertical extraction shooter” game. From July 29, the initial video clips of the game has started to get rapidly circulated on popular gaming community platforms like Discord, Twitch and YouTube. Basically Deadrop is a first-person-shooter game, and the first clip shows a soldier storming into the enemy areas with an M16-styled assault rifle. Midnight Society’s official website claims that Deadrop will be “the most community-focused, online PVP multiplayer experience the world has ever seen.”

Deadrop vs CoD: Are the Claims DISRESPECTful?

Deadrop is still in the mid-level stages and the revealed gameplay could hardly match the standards set by the Call of Duty franchise. Thanks to superhit games like the Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty Black Ops and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, CoD has become one of the most-loved FPS game franchises in the history of virtual gaming. Hence, at this stage, such comments seem quite problematic and could ‘blow away’ Deadrop’s reputation way before its much-awaited launch.

Deadrop Release Date

Dr. Disrespect is yet to enlighten us with the tentative release date of the new Deadrop game. It seems that the game nerds have to wait impatiently before the all-important news embraces them.

Deadrop Price

Despite widespread interest around its price, there’s still no conclusive data available. Neither Midnight Society nor Dr. Disrespect has made any official statements or dropped any hints about its approximate price. In order to have a crystal-clear idea, the gamers need to wait for another couple of weeks at least.

Is it possible to play the new Deadrop game now?

You can play the beta version for the time being, which has been termed as ‘snapshot’ by Midnight Society. But to be able to give it a try, you need to buy a NFT first. At the moment, there’s no other way to get hold of a slice of Deadrop.

Is Deadrop worth trying?

If we look closely at the images and the overall gameplay, then the new Deadrop game appears to be an amalgamation of Escape From Tarkov and PUBG. Nevertheless, the first look shows promise and might bring a whole new FPS gaming experience altogether. We will continue to give you exclusive updates on Technowize.