The new Elden Ring game is absolutely running riot throughout the global gaming community as the latest reports reveal that it has sold a whopping 16.6 million copies till the month of June, i.e. within just a few months since its worldwide release. Let’s unravel the world of fantasy that the blockbuster Elden Ring, developed and produced by Japan’s FromSoftware Inc., offers.

Will Elden Ring Create History?

In less than three months, the new Elden Ring game has managed to create a massive impact in the international gaming scene. It has already sold more than 16.6 million titles, something unthinkable considering the long history of virtual gaming.

New Elden Ring Game

FromSoftware Inc.’s new Elden Ring game records historic sales within months of its global release. [Image Credit: Steam]

Some simple stats will tell you what does it mean actually, where does it stand and what are the larger implications. Till date, the gross sales of the famous Dark Souls III stand at 10 million. Experts have opined that the manner in which sales of Elden Ring is growing by leaps and bounds, the time is not far when it would edge past the total sales of the entire Dark Souls franchise, which is a jaw-dropping 27 million. Though it happened over a period of ten long years and Elden Ring’s sales have clocked more than half of it in a mere fraction of the former’s time.

It’s Not a Cakewalk

The numbers are there to speak for Elden Ring but one shouldn’t take them lightly. It might appear an easy-peasy stuff for the uninitiated. If we have a close look at the international gaming world, then we would realize how stiff the competition is for a title to sail through, let alone sales of 16.6 million copies. With the arrival of unique platforms like Steam Deck and the sharp rise of Indie titles, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a title to attract a large number of gamers, globally.

The way Elden Ring has been topping the international gaming charts for months, remaining on trend across gaming community channels like Discord, developers of the Tokyo-based FromSoftware Inc., deserve a big pat on their back.

Elden Ring Release Date

The new Elden Ring game was launched globally on February 25, 2022. The latest role-playing game developed by FromSoftware Inc., was made available for PlayStation 5, PS4 and several other popular gaming platforms.

Elden Ring Steam

Valve Corporation came up with the sensational Steam Deck this year and the new Elden Ring game stormed the unique handheld gaming platform. Gamers across the world were elated to play it on Steam Deck, which gave them the chance to enjoy the real excitement of PC games in a portable, lightweight device. Within no time, Elden Ring made it to almost all the ‘best games on Steam’ lists thanks to its sheer brilliance.

Elden Ring Price

To lay your hands on the new Elden Ring game and explore the fantasy-filled world in an adventurous adrenaline rush, you have to spend $59.95. But if you decide to buy it from Amazon, then the cost would come down to $49.95.