Ahead of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), there is a major leak that is doing the rounds on the internet. According to this leak, the Cupertino company is preparing a new file management app for the iOS 11. In this new app, the owners will be able to easily manage and store the files on their phone.

iOS 11 Leak by Developer

Developer Steve Stroughton Smith took to Twitter, the social media platform, to tweet about this new leak. This tweet hints at a new ‘Files’ app for the iOS which is coming soon. It is expected that Apple will release the iOS 11 at the WWDC 2017, and a big feature of this new app will be available within this new iOS 11 software. Notably, it means that this new app listing is a download option for the iPhone owners who delete the in-built app that comes in the iOS 11.

TechCrunch reports that exact details of this new ‘Files’ app is still unclear at this point. But this app or feature is most probably a response to user demands for better control of the files on their iOS operated devices. Previously, Apple had introduced the iCloud Drive, which is a cloud-based system for storage. With the iCloud Drive users can handle certain forms of data, but this new feature will be a bit different.

New ‘Files’ App

The new files app on iOS 11 could give better options to the users for file managing and on-device data storage. This feature is likely comparable to the software the Android system already offers, and to what users are typically used to on Laptops and PCs.

However, there are also chances that this new feature could be a re-branding of Apple’s iCloud Drive. Additionally, according to Smith, the developer who tweeted about this; this is seemingly a new App Store entry by Apple for the Activity App. If that is true, it means that users will be able to delete this new feature also.

WWDC 2017

This leak comes ahead of the WWDC 2017 that kick starts from today. Well, we will have to wait and watch if this new files app sees a spot at the conference. If the development is for a smoother user experience, then it will be definitely welcomed by Apple users on a positive note.

We will be keeping you updated about every major thing at the WWDC. Stay tuned for more.