The new iPadOS 16 features are creating a buzz all over the internet. It’s been just a few weeks since Apple dropped the much-awaited software update for the Apple iPad users. With an array of new functionalities, this latest software update appears to be a massive upgrade. With a new 14-inch iPad Pro lined up among the new Apple products that could be launched in 2023, iPadOS 16 prepares the ground for the next-gen iPad experience. 

The biggest perk of having Apple devices remains, getting free software updates even after years. This seems to well justify the otherwise steep price-tag of Apple gadgets. With the iPadOS 16 update, the experience of using an Apple iPad has become even more seamless. It looks to have enhanced the versatility of the very iPad experience, to a great extent. 

Apple iPad

The new iPadOS 16 update has made the overall iPad experience even more seamless. [Image Credit: Apple]

iPadOS 16 Features: An Air of Freshness

Quite shortly after releasing the iOS 16 software update, Apple has made the iPadOS 16 update up for grabs. Interestingly, millions of iPhone users have expressed their delight regarding the iOS 16 features. When it comes to the iPadOS 16, the initial reviews are immensely positive. 

It goes without saying that this latest software update for Apple iPads, calls for a detailed discussion. Let’s have a close look at the host of new iPadOS 16 features and analyze their important aspects. 

Messages: A Closer Connect

Thanks to the new features of iPadOS 16, Messages has got a major revamp. You can now edit, undo send and mark conversations as unread. Moreover, you are allowed to invite friends and family members to SharePlay via Messages. Hence, you all can enjoy shared activities like watching a movie or TV show, doing workout, or playing games in sync while chatting in a Messages thread. 

For professionals or researchers, there’s a new way to seamlessly collaborate for various projects. With the iPadOS 16 update, you are enabled to send an invitation to collaborate via Messages, which promptly notifies everyone on the particular thread. Also, they are immediately added to the specific document, spreadsheet or project. The moment someone makes an edit to the shared document, activity updates pop up at the top of the thread. 

In a nutshell, this is a giant leap and eases the whole process of co-working remotely. 

Mail Gets Smarter

The all-new features of iPadOS 16, has heightened the in-Mail scopes a great deal. From setting reminders to come back to a message at a later date with Remind me and receiving auto-suggestions to follow up on an email if there’s no response, to getting auto-alerts if you miss out to include a recipient or attachment in an email – there’s a whole new horizon which has opened up in Mail. 

Courtesy of the iPadOS 16 update, you can now cancel delivery of a message before it reaches a recipient’s inbox, apart from scheduling emails to be sent at your preferred moment. In addition to all these, Mail is now equipped with state-of-the-art techniques and delivers more relevant, precise and wholesome search results.

Each one of these are of great help and makes the entire iPad experience more user friendly. 

Rediscover Memories With iCloud Shared Photo Library

Now you can revisit the most precious shared moments with your family members with the new iCloud Shared Photo Library. Users can add up to six people, including them, in the library. Everyone can add photos to the library. Interestingly, the app gives suggestions too, regarding sharing the shared moments. This is indeed the most fascinating one among all the iPadOS 16 features. 

features of iPadOS 16

The new iCloud Shared Photo Library allows you to relieve the sweet little shared moments with your friends and family members. [Image Credit: Apple]

Have a Safe Safari

The iPadOS 16 update comes with a much more secure Safari. It now uses passkeys, which closely safeguards you from phishing. They are synced with end-to-end encryption using iCloud Keychain. Therefore, you don’t need to worry a bit while browsing. 

The iPadOS 16 features result in shared Tab Groups on Safari. This allows users to share a collection of websites with friends and family. Thus, they can easily add tabs and keep a track of what others are looking at. 

Be Free with Freeform 

One of the most interesting changes engineered by the iPadOS 16 update, happens to be Freefrom. This powerful productivity app offers you a flexible canvas to explore creativity through seamless collaborations. It comes with full support for Apple Pencil and allows users to see, share and collaborate regardless of the layouts and page sizes. 

Freefrom, which will be available later this year, seems to be a one-stop solution for collaborative projects. The contributors can add a wide range of files to the canvas – images, video, audio, PDFs, documents and web links. Previewing it inline without leaving the board, would be also possible with the Freeform application. 

iPadOS 16 update

The refreshingly new Freeform makes collaborations super easy in Apple iPads. [Image Credit: Apple]

Pleasant Weather 

The iPadOS 16 update also marked the entry of the Weather app in Apple iPads. It has gone live with immersive animations, detailed maps and tappable forecast modules in its pocket. The in-built color-coded scale helps you to check the air quality.  Things like precipitation and temperature can be measured through a simple click.

Your Weather app will immediately notify you in case of a severe weather alert being issued in that area. This goes hand in hand with Apple’s policy to provide security along with services. 

Visual Look Up and Live Text: Powerful than Ever

Both Visual Look Up and Live Text have received major boosts from this latest iPadOS software update. The subject of an image can be lifted from the background and placed in apps like Messages by selecting it with a simple tap and hold. Visual Look Up has been enhanced significantly and now can recognize birds, insects and statues. Therefore users can sharply receive information about objects and scenes in photos.

Riding upon on-device intelligence, Live Text is now able to recognize text in videos across the entire system. It goes without saying that significant developments in these two areas have substantially smoothened the overall user experience. 

Stage Manager: The Stage for Perfectly Managing Everything

This whole new experience of hassle-free multitasking is probably the most innovative among the iPadOS 16 features. It automatically organizes apps and windows. Hence, it becomes quick and easy to switch between your tasks. Thanks to this gem of a feature, users can make overlapping windows of different sizes within a single view, drag and drop windows from the side, or open apps from the Dock to create groups of apps for effortless multitasking.

If you have an Apple iPad, then you can surely give a shot to the iPadOS 16 update. Taking everything into consideration, it can be firmly said that the exciting iPadOS 16 features will add serious firepower to your device.