The NYC subway cars will soon undergo a major design overhaul, which would introduce a modernized feel and look. The NYC subway is known as one of the oldest public transport systems in the world. It’s one of the most used metro train systems in the world. And last, but definitely not the least, it has the most number of stations and amount of trackage than any other public transit system in the world. NYC subway service is open throughout the year for 24 hours every day. The news of NYC subway upgrades arrives as a way to modernize the transit system by 2020.

NYC Subway Cars

Governor Andrew Cuomo, at a press conference, which he addressed on Monday, announced $27 billion plan of Metropolitan Transportation Authority to supply additional 1,025 NYC subway cars, better security features, highly informative digital screens, most importantly, USB Charging ports and Wi-Fi connectivity in stations and cars.

The reports on NYC Subway upgrades arrive with an ambitious strategy to upgrade total 31 subway stations in the city. According to the governor, New York should be provided with a transportation network, which is the best in the entire world because New York City is the heartbeat of the modern economy.

The design team at MTA has developed a visionary, classy, and bold model for the commuter experience by incorporating the best in class practices from worldwide transit systems. The Governor plans to renew, improve, and expand New York’s public transit system. The idea of NYC Subway WiFi, USB charging ports, etc, is like pushing the subways to a higher-in-class rank than ever before. The NYC Subway upgrades will enhance the capacity, reduce delays and overcrowding.

NYC Subway Cars to Focus on Hi-Tech Upgrades

Brooklyn’s Prospect Avenue D/N/R stop, Bay Ridge Avenue R stop, 53rd Street R stop are the first three NYC subway stations to undergo the major overhaul. Under the plans offered by Governor Andrew Cuomo at the press conference, 170 subway stations will receive small fixes while 31 subway stations will be renovated thoroughly. The 31 subway stations, which are going to get a major overhaul, will receive LED light fixtures, contemporary art, control area dashboard, entrance canopies with service and lightening announcements, and furniture with integrated charging.

Everything is fine, but the main concern is stuck at money. There is no information available on how the government bodies are planning to pay for NYC Subway upgrades. At the press conference, the Democratic governor went on saying that this investment is the largest ever to have been invested in the capital plan of MTA. He says the government has money to fund the overhaul, also there’s funding, so in short, everything has been taken care of. Governor Andrew Cuomo made a commitment to spend state money’s $8.3billion on the plan, but so far, the amount allocated is just $1billion.

As per transit advocates, such upgrades are quite significant for the aging and overcrowded transit system of New York City.

Resources from the federal and city government are expected to offer coverage to rest of the upgrade costs in addition to fares. The process of contract bidding is expected to begin later this week for over 1,000 new cars.