The blue hedgehog appears to be zooming from platform to platform with rumors indicating a new Sonic mobile game release in the works. A trailer for a Sonic Fall Guys-inspired game was revealed by The Sonic Show on their YouTube channel, sending fans into a tizzy about the possibilities. The Sonic mobile game sneak peek didn’t reveal too much about the game’s storyline but that’s rarely what you look for in a Sonic experience. The mobile Sonic game’s leaked gameplay showcases familiar race grounds with its massive loops, speed ramps, and sturdy obstacles, and it follows the format of a race to the finish line. 

Regardless of how repetitive the Sonic series may feel sometimes, there’s always something to look forward to with a new game and this one is no different.

Mobile Sonic game leaked gameplay,

Image: Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Toys Party—A New Sonic Mobile Game Release

We first heard of the Sonic Fall Guys-inspired game via a tweet by user Midori or “MbKKssTBhz5 on X/Twitter, a reliable insider with the latest inputs on upcoming video games. Stepping away from console gaming to capitalize on the ever-growing mobile gaming industry, the new Sonic game is expected to be distributed via iOS and Android. This will not be the first mobile version of the Sonic universe. The Sonic the Hedgehog Classic has had us captivated since 2017, while Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom showcases a more modern art style for those who don’t enjoy the graphics of the past. 

What could be different about the upcoming release is a Sonic Battle Royale format with multiple players competing on a round—up to 32 players meeting on one stage. This could add an exciting twist to the experience considering the popularity of multiplayer games. Insider Gaming added that the new Sonic mobile game release was codenamed Project Toys and could be released under the title “Sonic Toys Party,” which doesn’t necessarily add to the game appeal if we’re being honest. Not that a Sonic Fall Guys-inspired game needs too much to dress it up—the game premise and characters are enough to draw in a crowd. 

The Sonic mobile game sneak peek reveals little but we do know that many familiar names like Shadow, Eggman, Amy, and Knuckles will make a return to the game, fully geared for boss fights in a race towards the finish. The Sonic Battle Royale gameplay in the trailer indicates that players will have to beat multiple qualifier rounds to move forward and the collection of gold rings will retain its significance. At this point, calling it a Sonic “Fall Guysinspired game” sounds misleading considering the in-game mechanics and overall concept appear to be the exact same. Still, the lack of a mobile version of the Fall Guy game might leave room for the Sonic version to make the most of the game format.

New Sonic Heroes Remake

Still from the Sonic x Shadow Generations remaster trailer

Are We Excited About the New Sonic Heroes Remake?

If you’re not much of a mobile gamer but still want some Sonic content to look forward to, you might be excited to hear about the new Sonic Heroes Remake, which should remain available on PlayStation and Xbox. Fans have been keen to see a Sonic Adventure redesign for quite a while now but there is no evidence of that happening anytime soon. Instead, a Sonic Heroes Remake resulting from an Unreal Engine 5 migration has been discussed, with Sega indicating its desire to switch to help its developers gain experience with other engines. 

There are no release dates out for any of these announcements but there will likely be a delayed release this year as the Sonic x Shadow Generations remaster, scheduled for a PlayStation debut in Autumn, will take precedence. This game has also promised some fresh new content after the trailer was unveiled on February 1, 2024, a more official confirmation than what we have for the new Sonic mobile game release. 

While a large part of the discussion under the Mobile Sonic game leaked gameplay video on YouTube focuses on the Sonic Toys Party game ripping off the Toy Story logo, most fans appear excited about the upcoming release. Sega’s unrelenting push to keep Sonic in the limelight feels a little excessive, but we’ll take games—both old and new—over any more Sonic live-action movies. The original trailer for the first movie left us permanently scarred and the revisions didn’t impress us either. Anything the company has done with Sonic ever since has been an upgrade.