new Spider-Man

As the recent trailer of Captain America: Civil Wars shows, many other heroes have teamed up with Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Captain America (Steve Rogers) when they fight against each other. We already know that Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Falcon have got Captain America’s back. And, War Machine, The Vision, and the Ant-Man are supporting the Iron Man. Guess who else is on Team Iron Man? The Marvel’s version of the new Spider-Man.

It was expected that Spidey will pick Iron Man’s side, as mentioned in the original Civil Wars comic, but still it is really exhilarating to watch Tony Stark summoning his web-head buddy by calling him “Underoos.” The new Spider-Man makes his MCU debut by grabbing Captain America’s iconic shield, as he says “Hey, Everyone!”

Here’s the catch – a British actor Tom Holland will be seen in the new Spider-Man costume, playing the Peter Parker character. This 19-year-old actor has previously received many offerings including “Wolf Hall” and “In the Heart of the Sea” and now will be a part of the upcoming Marvel movie. Since Spider-Man’s character has been licensed by Sony, allowing him to appear only in Sony films, Marvel Studios has made a deal with Sony, and here comes your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man in his new costume.

Holland seems to be a perfect fit for Peter Parker’s role due to the seamless delivery. If you’ve noticed, there are subtle changes in the web-slinger’s costume. The lines on the costume don’t seem to be 3D in the Marvel movie, and his eyes are animated too. The eyes can change its size accompanied by a background sound. Cool, right?

Also, Spidey has got some cartridge-like thing on his belt, which is visible if you observe keenly. The Spider-Man logo has been redesigned too, and replaced with a minimal version. However, the changes made to his costume aren’t significant and that good, because his suit is kind of iconic and it shouldn’t look too different.

Well, that’s all we have noticed in a glimpse of Spidey in the trailer. The movie is due in U.S. theatres on May 6.

Is there anything else that you have noticed in the Marvel’s Spider-Man? Share it with comments.