In pursuit of unity and a people-first approach, Automattic’s Beeper messaging app acquisition has concluded in a deal valued at approximately $125 million USD. Since its inception, the Beeper app has aimed to address the multiple messaging apps available on the market, each promoting its exclusivity as its primary selling point. Automattic’s acquisition of Beeper comes in the wake of its other recent acquisition of Texts, another messaging app that brings something unique to the table. In other big news, the Beeper app moved out of its beta phase and anyone can now join the app and make the most of its consolidated services.

All signs point to the continuation of Beeper services as Automattic sets its eyes on changing the future of messaging technology.

Beeper acquisition news

Image: Beeper

Beeper Messaging App Acquisition by Automattic

If you’ve been following Apple’s legacy of knocking down competitors who threaten to shake their death grip on the tech market, then you’ve likely heard of Beeper Mini. Apple devices traditionally show messages from iMessage with a blue text box when messages via SMS or MMS are represented by a green box. This color difference, while a non-issue for most, was seen as Apple’s attempt to showcase its exclusivity and Beeper was absolutely not on board with the differentiation. It released the Beeper Mini, an app that could send messages to the iPhone as though it was being sent from an iPhone as well. 

Apple rushed to block the app claiming security issues but the FCC was out taking notes and tagged the incident as a sign of the company’s anticompetitive practices. As Automattic moved to acquire the Beeper messaging app, some wondered whether this was a sign of the company calling it quits on the battle with Apple. Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky assured The Verge this was not the case and that the company was only looking for a more sustainable way to get where it needed to go. The Beeper messaging app acquisition by Automattic is the solution the company has landed on, a reliable backer when they’re finally ready to bring out the big guns.

Automattic’s acquisition of Beeper does not come as a surprise and the company has been widely known for making good deals and placing itself in the right spot to make the most of the shifting markets. The company’s most popular service remains WordPress, but it has made many notable acquisitions over the years, including PollDaddy, WooCommerce, Simplenote, and Tumblr. The recent news of the company’s decision to sell data of Tumblr and WordPress users to Midjourney and OpenAI is something of a grey area, but that’s a disappointing story for another day. For now, the Texts and Beeper messaging app acquisitions signal the company’s move into the messaging space. 

Beeper messaging app deal

Image: Beeper

Beeper App Moves Out of Beta—A Universal Chat App Solution

The Beeper messaging app acquisition is one part of the whole story, but there are more updates on what Beeper has been up to. The Beeper app had maintained an extensive waitlist of people—466,000 people to be precise—wanting to try the app and the company has now officially opened its door to anyone who wants to use it. Available on all your devices, from Android and iOS to Linux and Windows, the app creates a link between 14 messaging services like WhatsApp, Discord, and Instagram. 

This lets you use a single app to send and receive messages from all the linked services instead of opening each one individually for your conversations. The Beeper app is free to use but there is room for paid features to be introduced in the future,

As part of the Beeper acquisition news, the entire workforce behind Beeper is moving to Automattic and will continue as an independent team so Beeper’s services should not see any interruptions right now. Merging with, the company will showcase a new design language, but the mission to revolutionize the world of messaging will remain the same.