New Year Tech Gift Guide – endless fingers must be busy typing this phrase on keyboards, all across the world. It’s again that time of the year when you need to rush with your last minute shopping, which possesses gifts for your near and dear ones. 

Festivity and merrymaking are in the air. Christmas has just ended and Santa must be on his way back home. When it comes to choosing gifts for your friends or family members, you have to select wisely. It’s true that the very gesture of presenting a gift has its own warmth. But what if you manage to strike a chord with them through your sweet little present. 

Yes, it will require a lot of time and painstaking research to come up with the right choice for the right person and you must be busy partying all around. You should. It’s important to have time for yourself. Then what about the Best Tech Gifts for New Year? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. 

Let’s dive into our curated list of Top Tech Gifts for New Year, which will offer bundles of joy to your beloved ones.

New Year Tech Gift Guide: Gift Much More than a Smile 

When it comes to making a choice of gifts for your tech savvy friends, seemingly, the job becomes all the more difficult. But with Technowize’s impeccable New Year Tech Gift Guide it will appear almost like a walk in the park. Though there are zillions of easily available tech gift options in the market, few can match the firepower to tick your boxes and stand out from the crowd. 

Let’s have a look at the options listed by us, which will turn out to be tailor-made for different people with different personas. For, we have tried to make the list as varied as possible, while keeping in mind that they don’t burn your pocket. Without much ado, now let’s move ahead with them. Here we go!

Best Tech Gifts for New Year

You can give any of these Best Tech Gifts for New Year to your friends and family members. [Image Credit: Freepik]

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition 

Released last year, the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is a gem of a tech gift for your bibliophile friend. Though you can have the Kindle Scribe, which happens to be first in the Kindle series that allows you to write on it, the Paperwhite Signature model seems to be an absolute bargain considering the array of exciting features it brings on the table. 

Priced at $139.99, it aids digital reading to move on to a paradise of its own. Certainly, one of the best tech gifts for New Year. 

Pocket Premium Subscription 

Pocket is another wise option for your tech friend, who loves to read. When it comes to reading articles online from several magazines, news portals, blogs, journals or monthlies, a Pocket Premium subscription becomes quite handy. Without having individual subscriptions of different sites, one can read at their will if they have this extremely useful tool at their disposal. 

Surprise them with a Pocket Premium subscription this New Year. It would cost you only $4.99 a month. It’s probably the best among the Budget Tech Gifts for New Year.

Apple Watch Ultra 

If the concerned person is a fitness freak and a style geek, then don’t look anywhere beyond the Apple Watch Ultra. But only if you are okay with sanctioning a steep pocket-pinch of $799 for the flagship smartwatch from the Cupertino-based tech-giant.  

However, branded as the ‘the most rugged and capable Apple Watch ever’, the Apple Watch Ultra is worth every penny. 

1Password Subscription

This is probably the most interesting one in our New Year Tech Gift Guide; something which you can give to your parents as well as to your special one. It comes with flexible personal or family plans. Moreover, you can commit to a single account login or up to five. 1Password not only offers you a single encrypted repository for all of your passwords on desktop and mobile devices but also can create complex passwords for you.

The way digital frauds are on a rise, an 1Password subscription would be immensely helpful to anyone who has gone digital. It would cost you only $2.99 a month.

You can give any of these Best Tech Gifts for New Year to your friends and family members. However, it’s recommended that you should tally their persona with the gifts before selecting a particular option. Happy New Year!