Samsung Electronics latest premium Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphones, unveiled on Wednesday, will have multiple AI functions. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will have features such as simultaneous translation of foreign language phone calls, in the company’s latest push to challenge Apple.

Newly Launched Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Packed With AI Functions

(Image Credit: samsung)

Apple topped Samsung in 2023 smartphone shipments, according data provider International Data Corporation, dethroning Samsung for the first time since 2010 as demand for premium devices – a segment Apple dominates – outpaces market growth.

Samsung galaxy S24 specs

In response, Samsung is offering various AI functions in its premium Galaxy S24 models as part of its strategy to attract buyers. Samsung S24 AI will have two-way voice translation in real-time of a live phone call conducted in two different languages, which the company said the Galaxy S24 series is the first ever smartphone to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series will be available in 13 different languages. The on-device AI function is offered via Samsung’s own generative AI training.

It also offers a “circle-to-search” function in which circling any part of an image on screen searches it in Google. Other features include AI translation and changing the tone of messages to casual, formal, business or social media.

There are also AI summaries and translation of voice recordings, “generative editing” of photos that fill in non-existent backgrounds, and a feature that turns real-time videos into slow-motion by filling in non-existent frames with AI.

On-device AI refers to generative AI functions that are downloaded to each user’s device after being trained, which do not need to connect to the cloud.

Betting on device AI

Companies like Qualcomm and Samsung are touting on-device AI as more secure for personal information, as it does not need to send data to the cloud for use.

Just 5% of smartphones shipped in 2024 will be AI-capable, but this will grow to 45% in 2027, data provider Canalys forecasts.

In the long-term, “generative AI on devices is bound to have a significant impact on the smartphone market, especially in terms of user experience,” said Jene Park, Senior Analyst at Counterpoint.

However, this might not “immediately affect smartphone purchases”, Park added, as it takes time for generative AI functions to incorporate more and better data to increase value for consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S24 release date

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will be sold starting January 31.

Samsung Galaxy S24 price

Base Samsung Galaxy S24 price in the United States will be from $799 and two higher-specification Samsung Galaxy S24 versions, the S24 Plus and S24 Ultra, price is from $999 and $1,299, respectively.

Samsung has kept the prices of the base model and Plus at the same level as last year’s. Though the Samsung Galaxy S24 price of the Ultra has been increased by $100.