In order to stand out in the competitive retail market, companies are promoting customized goods to attract more people. This gives a personal touch to the product and leaves the customer satisfied. As he designs it himself, the customer feels special due to it and hence readily agrees to pay a higher price on the product than the usual one. The exclusivity of a customized product adds to its charm. The American manufacturer Nike decided to use this strategy to boost its sales. But it went one step further than other companies in customized products. With the help of Nike augmented reality, one can not only design his sneakers but also see how they would look live.

One might ponder upon the fact that a pair of sneakers does not need much styling but it’s not so. A person’s shoes reflect his personality and give a complete look to his attire. An individual can customize his shoes on the official website of Nike. But a Nike retail outlet in Paris has introduced an innovative concept which is intriguing people from all over the world. Here a customer can design his Nike sneakers with the help of augmented reality and view each option as to how would it look.

Nike augmented reality

Nike has come up with augmented video-mapping for customizing sneakers.

About the French store featuring Nike augmented reality

Customizing a pair of sneakers is the easiest at this Nike retail store of Paris because of the Nike augmented reality. An immersive technology company of France known as SmartPixels has installed two augmented video-mapping devices over here.  The customers interested in customizing their sneakers are given a tablet which is attached to these augmented video-mapping devices that use the NikeID online service. SmartPixels will connect this video mapping with the NikeID’s configurator. The customer has to place an all-white sneaker in the device and he can see colors projected on the sneakers. These colors or patterns will change as he will select them on the tablet.

The online tool of Nike used for customizing sneakers offers a choice of hundreds of models to choose from. But the variety of sneakers one can customize through Nike augmented reality is limited. At the Paris store, customers can only customize LunarEpic Low, AirMax, and Cortez sneaker models. The device turns into a fancy shoe display by flashing various color schemes on the sneaker when not in use. After finalizing the color and design he would like, the customer can order the shoes at the store. These shoes will be delivered to him as soon as they are printed.