So this is what the modern gaming industry belongs to – Create Together, Explore Together, Survive Together. In short, Better Together! Nintendo Switch’s recent commercial co-promoting the competitor’s console, Xbox One has come as a sweet surprise. Though, it is indeed a necessitated inflection point in the hottest market of video gaming.

Nintendo Switch released a 34-second commercial about Minecraft update that you can watch above or on its official YouTube channel. But the gaming company did it with a striking twist that achieved two goals with half the efforts.

As seen in the video, there are two players set to play a video game holding different consoles, one is PlayStation 4 and the other one is Nintendo Switch.  With this, first of all, Nintendo co-promoted cross-play with Xbox One using the example of Minecraft wherein the gamers can now play the game on Switch. Adding to this, Minecraft already introduced the feature of Better Together last year that allowed payers to cross-play with Xbox One, Windows 10, VR and mobile devices.

Secondly, Nintendo slammed Sony’s policies of surviving alone in this commercial (as Minecraft is also available on Sony PlayStation 4) which left the latter company fuming.

Gaming Community is Loving Combo-Ad

Though Nintendo’s new advertisement in association with Xbox One is entertaining, it could be taken as a bit offensive also. But the online world is pouring all positive thoughts on this new side of the competitive world of the gaming industry.

Nintendo of America tweeted Xbox One to build something together in Minecraft, to which Xbox Twitter account enthusiastically replied, “Our bodies are ready. What are we building?”

Embarking on this new journey Minecraft, which is available for $29.99 on Switch, also joined the conversation with a heart-shaped block picture.

Witnessing such surreal alliance between Microsoft and Nintendo, fans of gaming world also backed up their new move. From praising them with comments like “This is a brave new world”, and “The console wars are finally coming to an end”, to dunking Sony like “Sony who?”, and “Some random company that has no friends that’s who”, gamers are just eager to enjoy the new game on their favorite consoles.

Other Cross-play Games for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Rocket League, Chess Ultra, Mantis Burn Racing, Pinball FX, Fortnite and the latest Minecraft are available for cross-play on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Many of these games are also accessible on other platforms such as Mac and PC.

Many other developers are also planning to install cross-play functionality in their games. Crazy Justice, Gunscape, Trailblazers and Hover are the other upcoming titles that will support cross-platform gameplay.