With the Nothing Phone (2a) launch done and dusted, we might be set for the next launch from the company—the Nothing Ear 3. Taking to Twitter/X to announce the Nothing community update scheduled for April 18 2024, the company teased users with a “Play Date,” giving no details away with a cryptic image of a beetle and a frog. If we are indeed set for another product drop, the Nothing Ear 3 release date will be announced during the community event. Details regarding the Nothing Ear 3 price and exact specs remain a mystery but one thing we do know is that the company will abandon the current naming tradition and call the device the “Nothing Ear”—no numbers involved.

Nothing community update

Image: Nothing community update

Nothing Ear 3—What to Expect From the Upcoming Earbuds

Nothing is known for using mysterious insect images to highlight upcoming earphone launches and this latest attempt does not appear to be any different. The company has previously used the image of the beetle for the Nothing Ear (2) launch and a ladybug led the launch of the Nothing Ear (1). Perhaps the frog signals an upgrade to the Nothing Ear (3), which is expected to be the new and improved version of its siblings. Getting its marketing perfectly right as usual, the company replied to a post about a frog getting thrown into the air during the LADEE shuttle launch with the caption “Everyone be launching frogs these days.”

The company has been upfront with two of its potential launches with the Nothing community update, posting a video where the Nothing community got a sneak peek at the upcoming Ear and Ear (a) audio products.

“2024 is the year we’re unveiling the ultimate iteration of Nothing Audio with two new products that reflect the culmination of three years of design and innovation. What we envisioned from the start – premium for everyone that isn’t about market price, but user preference.” 

The company reported that the Nothing Ear 3 version of the audio devices marked a milestone movement for the company, prompting the rebranding of names and numbers to the Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a). It’s an interesting revival, even though it makes it infinitely difficult to write about the Nothing devices when their names just make regular words in sentences. Until we know more about the devices, Nothing Ear (3) will have to do.

Nothing Ear 3 Leaks Give Us Something To Look Forward To

The rumor mill has been exceptionally slow with finding and leaking details about the upcoming earphones but we’ve just seen a few renders of the device make an appearance. Details such as the Nothing Ear (3) price suggest the Nothing Ear will cost €150 and the more affordable Nothing Ear (a) will be available at €100. There are no pricing details available for the U.S., but considering  Nothing Ear (2) was priced at $149, we could see the same numbers on the premium model, with Nothing Ear (a) at $100 or around those numbers. 

Both models should follow the design style of their predecessors with a clear case and glossy, transparent earphone structures, branded with the Nothing logo on the side. The Nothing Ear is expected to be available in black and white with Android Headlines revealing that the specs will include active noise cancellation, dual connection, IP54 rating and a 7.5-hour battery life with ANC turned off. The charging case should offer an additional 33 hours of battery life. The device should showcase a fast charging feature as well. 

The Nothing Ear (a) will have similar specks with an 8–hour battery, the charging case providing an additional 38 hours. The ANC feature and dual connection will reportedly be preserved here as well. Along with the basic colors, the exciting detail about these earbuds is the yellow model. The Nothing Ear (2) was quite a noteworthy release by itself so we’re unsure what exactly the company could have changed for it to feel like such a significant revolution to justify the rebrand.

Nothing Phone (2a) Also Gets An Upgrade

While we wait for the company to reveal more about its upcoming audio devices, it’s also important to acknowledge the rumors about two additional phone releases this year. Nothing had previously suggested that we could see three smartphone launches from the company this year, with the Nothing (2a) already having dropped to positive reviews.

The company also launched “The Community Edition Project” to invite customers to redesign the Nothing (2a) smartphone and send in their ideas for a chance to work with them on updated iterations of their new device. The company is set to select four winners for the project, with each stage marking a separate category— hardware, wallpapers, packaging, and the marketing campaign rollout. Submission began on March 26, 2024, and entries have likely begun making their way into the company inbox already. 

The organization has had a very involved community right from the start and this extension of the link between user and producer should be an experiment worth the investment. Nothing will use the results of the Nothing community event to relaunch the Nothing (2a) in July after the four stages of the redesign process are officially complete. Will the company also launch the Nothing (3) smartphone later this year? That might be too far-fetched of an idea considering how packed the first half of 2024 is set to be 9to5Google was the first to notice a tweet by Dylan Roussel who stated that there were actually two phones set for release, codenamed “PacmanPro” and “Tetris.” 

The Nothing community update should have a lot of exciting news in store for everyone, both for Nothing loyalists—like us—and those merely curious about affordable earphone alternatives.