Many of us have had a conversation asking our friends about the ideal headphones before purchasing new ones for ourselves. In this age of the internet, almost everyone has become a gizmo freak. Every individual claim to have adequate knowledge about certain things and especially headphones. This is because now is the time when headphones have become more of a product of utility instead of entertainment. A number of times it happens that various people recommend a certain headphones’ model to you claiming that they are the best in the market. When you use it for yourself, you don’t share the same opinion. This will certainly not happen with the Nura headphones.

Nura is one of those startups which took the help of the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter to make its presence felt in the tech world. And it seems that this tactic worked. Except for its public funding promotion, the pace at which the company is developing its gadgets is also impressive. Last June, the company had designed headphones which were huge and took you back to the industrial revolution. But now the latest model by the company is so impressive that you will crave to own a pair yourself. The sleek yet subtle design is a fresh change from the usual loud ones.

Nura headphones

The sleek yet subtle design is a fresh change from the usual loud ones.

How does sound adapting work in the Nura headphones

The production of the Nura headphones finally became a reality after its Kickstarter campaign raised an impressive amount of $4.6 million. The secret behind the success of Nura is that it succeeded is that it went to the root of the cause as to why is the musical ability of headphones subjective in nature. These headphones work with the help of an automatic diagnostic technology. In simple words, this technology recognizes the musical needs of an individual and act accordingly.

With the help of such technology, the Nura headphones create a personalized sound experience on the objective analysis of the listener. This takes place by offering a custom equalization on the basis of the ear shape of the listener. This is possible through a combination of specific software in a specially designed headphone. The headphone nicely utilizes the ear cups as well as buds of the individual for a wholesome experience. This shows that you have finally got a solution to those earphones which kept popping out of your earbud or the headphones which blazed music even outside your ear. You can pre-book these headphones at a price of $399. They will supposedly arrive by the end of this year.