The 2018 flagship model of OnePlus competes with the likes of iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9+, at least in an assumed market positioning. And all this is available in $529/ €519/ £469, keeping OnePlus 6 from getting a spot among the ‘best Android phone in the affordable range’. While OnePlus 6 boasts some of the best features, there is something which restricts it to take it that giant leap of ‘SIMPLY THE BEST’.

OnePlus 6 Review: Design

Let us begin with the physical dimension of OnePlus 6 i.e., 155.7(L) x75.4 (B) x7.75 mm (H). Replicating the iPhone X top-notch design, OnePlus 6 iPhone display size is 6.28-inch. This makes it almost look like an all-screen phone.

The screen is made of an optic AMOLED that comes with a standard resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels. The ‘not so high-resolution’ extends the battery life of the phone as well as keeps the phone price down. In that case, OnePlus 6 owns non-removable 3300mAh battery and has an extended battery life of a day’s heavy usage. With dash charging technology, a 30 minutes charge boosts the phone up to 60 percent battery.

OnePlus 6 Review Price

OnePlus 6 is all made of glass.  Source: OnePlus

The latest Chinese phone weighs 6.2 ounces (177gms) and it is all made of glass. Yet the phone does not have a wireless charging feature. When enquired about this, a company executive said that the wireless charging technology is still at a nascent stage. It takes too much time for a phone to charge wirelessly. Point noted. But then why the glass back?

OnePlus 6 has a USB port, Type-C port, supports USB Audio along with Dual nano-SIM slot and an audio jack.

The phone is available in three hues – Mirror Black (a flashy look), Midnight Black (matte finish) and Silk White (the serene one).

OnePlus 6 has two unlock features – fingerprint and face unlock. While testing, fingerprint unlock feature is not that quick to recognize and the finger has to be put in a very specific way. Face unlock works promptly, but it is not as secure and reliable as the iPhone X.

Price OnePlus 6 Review

OnePlus 6 is available in $529/ €519/ £469, depending upon the region. Source: OnePlus

OnePlus 6 Review: Performance

OnePlus 6 tagline mentions – ‘the speed you need’.

Operating on Android Oreo, OnePlus 6 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (Octa-core, 10nm, up to 2.8 GHz), within AIE. It comes in 6GB or 8GB RAM and internal storage space of 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB. While OnePlus6 is a dual SIM phone, there is no port for microSD card.

These features make OnePlus 6 a favorite among gamers.  The OnePlus own Gaming mode enables the phone to restrict all notifications during play time.

The one feature that the Chinese phone maker has highlighted on its website is that OnePlus 6 is splash-proof. So this is one of those bumpers! The other phones matching OnePlus 6 price range and features, boasts about able to withstand a complete submerged in water.

OnePlus 6 Review Splash Proof

OnePlus 6 is merely splash-proof. Source: OnePlus

OnePlus 6 Review: Camera

The basic elements of any good phone are its battery and the camera results. OnePlus 6 gets all tick marks green on battery feature, now the focus goes on camera quality. Though the company boasts about dual lens camera – 16MP and 20MP at the camera, the captures are not so sharp. In fact, it is not suitable to click pictures in low light like Nokia phones’ Zeiss technology. Even the portrait mode, the in-trend filter for clicking selfies does not justify the front camera of 16-megapixels.

OnePlus 6 Review Cover Image

OnePlus6 is available in three hues – Mirror Black, Midnight Black and Silk White. Source: OnePlus

Technowize Verdict

As an end note, Technowize belie, es that OnePlus 6 is an affordable range phone promising a top-notch performance. It has an elite design, which is an important factor and a long battery life, even while watching continuous HD videos or gaming. The picture quality is acceptable if not the best and there are few functionality features that make OnePlus 6 handy.