The MWC 2024 just flaunted the new OnePlus Watch 2 and we’re already seeing debates break out over the OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Watch 6 as customers wonder whether they should invest in the new tech or settle for something reliable. Depending on how disappointed you were by the first OnePlus Watch, you may find yourself entirely reluctant to give this one a go, but the OnePlus Watch 2 battery and overall specs have received a pretty decent do-over this time around. While the more masculine and bold OnePlus Watch 2 display may be the deciding factor for some, others might prefer the OnePlus Watch 2 battery over the Samsung’s too. The new release appears quite promising if you’re open to trying out something new but the Galaxy Watch 6 is not too easily forgotten either.

OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Watch 6: We’re Giving the Dual-Chipset a Chance

The Samsung Watch 6 vs the OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Watch 6: Which Way Are You Leaning?

The OnePlus Watch 2 was just announced at the Mobile World Congress 2024 event in Barcelona, after a few days of buildup surrounding its release. The OnePlus Watch 2 release date for the USA has been set at March 4 and it will be available in two different colorways: Radiant Steel and Black Steel. The OnePlus Watch 2 price has been set at $299 USD. Additionally, users can “trade in ANY watch in ANY condition on for an additional USD$50 off.”

In comparison, the Samsung Watch 6 price ranges between $279.99 USD and $249.99 USD depending on the size of the device. The Galaxy Watch 6 is available in three colors: Silver, Graphite, and Gold. There are multiple band styles and colors as well. There is also the larger Galaxy Watch 6 Classic device that begins at $399.99. The older device is surprisingly better priced than what we’re seeing of the OnePlus Watch 2 price, but let’s see what else is different between the two devices. 

Comparing the OnePlus Watch 2 Display With Samsung’s

The OnePlus Watch 2 features a 2.5D sapphire crystal cover and has a stainless steel chassis for extra resistance to scratches. The 1.43-inch screen promises 466*466 resolution and 326 ppi, with a maximum brightness of 600 nits. The OnePlus Watch 2 display is entirely customizable with 80 downloadable watch faces and 20 customizable ones that you can pick between to match your tastes. The Samsung Watch 6 display also features a Sapphire crystal glass front with an aluminum frame instead, the 1.3-inch to 1.5-inch super AMOLED screen featuring 480*480 pixel resolution, 453 ppi density, and 2,000 nits brightness. That’s significantly brighter than the OnePlus Watch 2 display and will be quite useful for those who spend the majority of their time outdoors and need the screen to function well in the outside world. 

The Samsung Watch 6 display has quite a few watch faces that are really popular and easily identifiable such as the Fluid Number, Photo Sticker, and the unique Sleep Coach design. If you’re looking for these specific details then you might find the Samsung preferable, but even overall, in this round of the OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Watch 6, the latter wins.

OnePlus Watch 2 Specs vs Samsung Watch 6 Specs

OnePlus Watch 2 (left) and Samsung Watch 6 (right)

OnePlus Watch 2 Specs vs Samsung Watch 6 Specs

In an interesting turn of events, the OnePlus Watch 2 specs are based on a system of dual-engine architecture, which means that two chipsets are powering the device. First, the watch has a BES 2700 MCU Efficiency chipset which runs a real-time operating system (RTOS) and is always on. This chipset is essential for conducting most of the background activities and frequently running tasks on the device like checking notifications or changing the basic device settings. Another Snapdragon W5 performance chipset runs WearOS and handles the heavier, more demanding tasks assigned to the watch. In the Smart Mode, the watch activates either or both of the chips based on the task at hand. 

The Samsung Watch 6 specs are based on the Exynos W930 chipset, which is a speedy 1.4GHz processor designed by the company. It’s too soon to say how well the OnePlus Watch 2 will hold out with prolonged use using this unique processor system but it does seem worth putting to the test. Both devices feature Google’s WearOS 4 which many OnePlus fans will be grateful to see as it was one of the elements that was found lacking in the original watch. Both watches also have a hybrid WearOS system so while there will be some familiar elements to the device, you should be able to see the brand’s own touch to the device as well. Both devices come with a 5ATM and IP68 rating so you can be rest assured about the water and dust rating protection on the devices as well. 

Comparing the specs of the OnePlus Watch 2 vs the Samsung Watch 6, we seem to be leaning towards the OnePlus Watch. 

Samsung Watch 6 vs OnePlus Watch 2: Battery and Storage

When it comes to the OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Watch 6 in terms of battery life, we have an obvious winner right away. The OnePlus Watch 2 battery promises a 100-hour battery life with regular use in the device’s Smart Mode, and 48 hours of use when put through heavy activity. The 500mAh battery can be fully charged in an hour through the 7.5W VOOC fast charging capabilities as well. This is a definite win over the 300mAh battery on the smaller device and the 425mAh battery on the larger Samsung Watch 6. These devices promise approximately 30 hours of use, but more realistically, they tap out at around 24-27 hours. To be able to use it on the go continuously, the Galaxy Watch 6 has to be charged every day. 

The Galaxy Watch 6 offers 2GB of memory and 16GB storage, while the OnePlus Watch 2 storage is set at 2GB of RAM and 32GB overall storage. In this regard as well, the OnePlus Watch does outperform its competitor. 

Samsung Watch 6 vs OnePlus Watch 2: Battery and Storage

OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Watch 6

The Battle Intensifies: The OnePlus Watch 2 Seems To Be Missing Some Vital Elements

Another deciding factor between the OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Watch 6 might be the actual sensors and useability of the device. Apart from the basic measures of movement and heart rate, the Samsung Watch 6 has temperature sensors that have become increasingly common as measures for period tracking and women’s health overall. The Samsung device also has fall sensors that can react when it assesses that you have fallen and provide you with emergency actions that you can perform immediately. The OnePlus Watch 2 does have gyroscopes, optical, heart rate sensors, optical pulse oximeters, etc. so you should be able to track your health data as well as use the GPS on your watch, but the OnePlus Watch sensors are a little more limited. 

A final deciding factor between the OnePlus Watch 2 and the Samsung Watch 6 may be the software upgrades. It is likely that the OnePlus Watch 2 will receive two years of support and upgrades while the Galaxy Watch 6 should have four years of support. With us already well into the first year, that’s about three and a half years of software support available on the device so if you want this purchase to be a more long-term investment, the Samsung device should make more sense to you.

And The Final Verdict on the OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Watch 6?

As far as this initial review is concerned, the battle between the OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Watch 6 sees the OnePlus Watch 2 coming out as a winner primarily due to the extended battery life and storage. Having to take the Samsung Watch off frequently to put it to charge can get a little tiring after a while, and it also interrupts all the trackers in any case so the OnePlus Watch 2 battery does have to be a major deciding factor for us. While the Samsung Watch 2 might have a slightly better quality display and a few more sensors to its name, there isn’t anything that we’d feel exceptionally bad about missing out in order to give the OnePlus’ dual-engine architecture a chance to shine. 

If you’re looking for a watch with greater versatility in design and function paired with a longer life expectancy, the Samsung Watch 6 might easily be a more appropriate purchase for you. The OnePlus Watch 2 price may seem more affordable to you if you’re trading in another watch but despite its slightly higher price point, it seems to be worth the investment.