OnePlus has launched the refresh to their Y-series with the two models of TVs in the form of Y1S and Y1S Edge. These two models come in two sizes 32-inch and 43-inch versions. These also have many smart features, and in this article, we put emphasis on the OnePlus Y1S Edge product with a 43-inch size. 


The overall design of the OnePlus Y1S Edge is very good and it has been updated with the small bezels around the screen. The bezels are smaller on the top, left and right edges and the bottom bezel has a nice metallic finish. 

In the center of the bottom bezel, you can notice a small logo of the company and this kind of minimalistic approach appeals to most users. Even though the entire TV is made out of plastic, you

cannot tell that it feels cheap. The materials are well-crafted and this is why a budget TV like this looks more expensive than it really is. 

Android TV 11

OnePlus Y1S Edge TV specs are good and useful with smart features as its priority.

The previous version of the OnePlus TV, the U1S, had a very unique remote control. Now, we have a remote control that is similar, but some functions are different. There is a new quick launch button for Disney+ Hotstar and this button replaced the Mute button on the old remote controls. Instead of the Mute button, you will need to turn the volume down by double-tapping the Volume Down button. 

Audio and picture quality 

As we already know, the OnePlus Y1S Edge comes in two sizes. These are 32-inch models that have a resolution of 1366 x 768, and other versions in the form of 43-inch models come in the resolution of 1920 x 1080. Both sizes have LED-backlit LCD panels and the overall refresh rate is 60Hz. There is also the support for HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG, and this means that you can play YouTube HDR content easily. 

We also need to mention other features of OnePlus Y1S. These are Color Space Mapping technologies that ensure better mapping of colors and tones in different color spaces. You will also find the Gamma Engine which gathers the features like noise reduction, anti-aliasing, dynamic contrast, and many more options. 

When it comes to audio, this smart TV has a 2-channel speaker system that has an output strength of 24W. There is Dolby Audio processing and you can enjoy the Dolby Audio content by connecting the HDMI ARC port with the compatible speaker. 


This OnePlus device runs on the Android TV 11 platform and is based on the latest OxygenPlay 2.0 operating system. The TV has the support for Miracast and Chromecast. It is important to mention that you can control the TV with the smartphone app. This app is called OnePlus Connect 2.0 and it is available on the App Store. You can easily open the apps, navigate through the content, or take screenshots. This is very convenient because you do not need a WiFi or data connection to perform these actions. 


When it comes to connectivity, there is support for dual-band WiFi and this option improves the speed of streaming content. There are also 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 optical audio output, 1 RF-connection input, and 1 AV composite input. 


The overall OnePlus TV specs are good and you can find some very useful features. At the same time, the price of the OnePlus Y1S Edge can be compared to some similar TVs like Redmi or Xiaomi. These TVs offer even better features at a similar price, which means that you need to think twice before investing in OnePlus. However, if you decide to buy the OnePlus Y1S Edge, you will get a good panel, appealing design, and a lot of smart features that make this TV a good choice.