OnBeep, the company behind beautiful wearable devices has rolled out a new heads-up communication device, Onyx.

The clip on wearable device is reminiscent of the Star Trek communication device and functions as a hands-free walkie-talkie for group chats, thus making it less demanding and simpler for people wanting to stay in contact with each other without the added weight of cellphones.

Here is how it works:

The wearable gadget connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone and lets you converse with your friends and family that have connected through Onyx, regardless of what their current location is. The clip on the device simply needs to be connected to the Internet through the individual’s smartphone. The wearer has to simply tug on onto his/her shirt, or bag or whatever they wish to and catch up with their beloved ones.

Onyx A Communication Device

OnBeep CEO Jesse Robbins in a statement revealed that people working together in a team can save time by talking to each other in real-time. Using Onyx, people can communicate and deliver efficiently through group collaboration.

It works best for individuals coordinating an event! The device can be utilized for normal day-to-day communication; however it was roused by a more genuine need.

OnBeep CEO Jesse Robbins explained on the company blog that in case of an emergency, the emergency responder can easily communicate using Onyx with the rest of the team members without losing focus. “The last thing you want is to have your attention pulled away from the scene in an emergency. To make that possible, we rely on two-way radios. They’re bulky, ungainly and cumbersome, but they’re reliable, and that’s what matters when you’re working in  a life-or-death situations.”

The Onyx can work with devices running iOS 7 and the upgraded one, or Android 4.1 or later, and the first lot of clip on gadgets is expected to be shipped this December. Worn like a badge or a clasp, Onyx accompanies a clip, a mic, a mic jack, a speaker, and a volume switch. The wearer can simply tap and talk.