If yours is one of those families which can afford gadgets, then I’m sure you must want to make your safe haven full of smart home appliances. This is not just the case with a handful of families but a majority of them worldwide. Technology has been successful in crawling into our lives in such a manner that now we crave for it. We have smart devices which would put us to sleep as soon as keeping a track on the kind of food we consume. Here comes a device which helps you keep unwanted people out of your home and welcome people you like even when you are across the globe. Otto smart lock is the probably the most expensive lock you may have ever come across.

We have often come across fancy locking systems with a webcam to recognize the individual before opening the door. But this exorbitantly priced keyless smart lock has the simplest design ever. On the first look, one might not even notice that this lock offers such high tech features. The company took four years to come up with this design in order to give an oblivious feel to the door. The lock will perfectly blend in with your door in a sleek manner.

Otto smart lock

The Otto smart lock is available for pre-order at a price of $700.

More about the Otto smart lock

The main aim of the company was to create a keyless smart lock which is subtle and also compatible with all kinds of doors. And the company did succeed but at a price. The Otto smart lock is available for pre-order at a price of $700. That’s right, $700 for a lock and its partner smartphone app. But the makers of this lock are extremely confident about its success. They believe that due to the features they offer, people will be willing to spend so much money. The company might introduce a slightly lower-priced model in the near future. The probability of this product depends on the success of the first edition.

The Otto smart lock has an all-digital design which omits the loopholes which enable trespassers to break into your home. In the absence of keyholes and keypads, a trespasser can’t get into the house with a copy of the key. He needs to first provide proof of his authentication. While a majority of the locks can be picked in less than a minute, this keyless smart lock comes with digital encryption. The entry is access code-based with a Wi-Fi built in. All this without the need for any additional hardware. In case of a party, you can give full or time-limited entry access to your guests. The lock can be accessed from any part of the world with the help of the app.