A credit card that gives back money and motivates you to hit your fitness goals. Sounds like a fever dream, right ? But, it’s true. Paceline’s new Visa Signature Card is the gift one should get for themselves. 

The Paceline Visa Signature Card is designed to meet financial and health needs. The company is continuously striving to incentivize physical, mental, and financial health together. They use wearables and AI to push people to aim for wellness while encouraging them with financial rewards.

On March 1, the wellness company announced that it will launch the Paceline Visa Signature Card, which will help users earn back the cost of an Apple Watch Series 7. The Apple Watch is capable of tracking blood oxygen level, sleep, heart rate, and can even measure one’s ECG.

Hitting fitness goals is even more lucrative as the card promises to double one’s cashback for successfully completing one’s weekly goal. 

Paceline rewards

Paceline believes in rewarding good health with cashbacks.

Keeping Pace with Paceline

John Pilates once said, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

Physical activity is monitored by connecting Paceline’s app with any of the wearables available in the market. The card monitors one’s activity levels and dishes up offers and discounts accordingly. App users have been known to receive gift cards to top wellness brands such as Daily Harvest, Hyperice, and Alala. 

The fitness company recently revealed that the Paceline community has over 500,000 active users who have logged more than 2 billion workout minutes and redeemed over $4 million in rewards value. They are continuously working on expanding their range of offers, which now include, but are not limited to, gym memberships, groceries, fitness classes, fitness apps, pharmacy purchases, workout apparel, and fitness equipment. 

The Paceline Visa Signature Card

Joel Lieginger, Founder and CEO, Paceline, says that, “Your health is your most valuable asset, and you should be rewarded for pursuing it. Paceline empowers people to turn their physical health into an asset, and ultimately enables people to get rewarded for living healthier, better, and longer lives. The Paceline Card delivers on that promise and reinforces our mission to change the nature of preventive health in society.” 

According to its website, it only takes about 150 minutes of elevated heart rate every week to hit the goal. There is no restriction on the type of exercise or activity one chooses to achieve this. As long as the user hits Paceline minutes, he is eligible for rewards. 

Paceline credit card members get a cashback of 5% from the company’s catalog of health and wellness partners and a cashback of 3% on other purchases, whenever they hit their streak. Furthermore, cardholders are eligible for 2.5% cashback on all health and wellness purchases and 1.5% cashback on all other purchases, even if they do not reach their weekly minutes. The card membership comes with an annual fee of $60. 

Rewards & Incentives

New card members can take advantage of the rewards system to buy themselves any of the Apple Watches–including the Apple Watch Series 7–up to $429. This can be earned back within a one-year span. They must keep hitting their weekly Paceline minutes to qualify for this deal. 

To encourage customers, Paceline has tied up with a number of businesses and brands to offer the best incentives to their members. Gym memberships and subscriptions include Peloton, Equinox, SoulCycle, Life Time, Orangetheory Fitness, Planet Fitness, and more. Meanwhile, fitness apparel and sports goods brands that offer cashbacks comprise Adidas, Athleta, Nike, Lululemon, The North Face, Outdoor Voices, Patagonia, and Under Armour. Customers’ nutritional needs are taken care of by popular grocery chains like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Instacart, and more, while pharmaceutical partners are CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. 

The app appears to be well-loved by the members as it enjoys a rating of 4.9 on the App Store. The company assures its members that the data collected by them is not shared or sold to their-party vendors. They reiterate their commitment towards user privacy and believe that user consent is sacred. Furthermore, user data collected by Apple Watch is shared with the app in the customer’s control, in keeping with Apple’s high standards for privacy.