Speculations about the possible launch of the successor of Google’s flagship smartphone have been received with enthusiasm. The fancy iPhone X launch seems like a distant dream now as the Google Pixel 2 launch is soon going to grab all the attention. In fact, it has already become the talk of the town. Just when talks about one flagship phone’s launch were dying down, here comes its direct competitor. The launch of the Pixel successor is less than a month after the Apple event. This clearly seems like a smart event to divert all the attention from the iPhone to Google Pixel. Just like the Apple launch, one can also witness the launch of the Google Pixel 2.

The tech giant has asked all its fans to save the date of 4th October 2017 to witness the Google Pixel 2 launch event. This event is also advertised in such a manner that people must wait till this date to change their phones as the ultimate flagship phone is arriving. As only rumors are doing the rounds, all the features of this smartphone will be officially revealed at this event. Also, as Google is known for its interesting range of events, this launch is the next big thing tech fans are craving to attend.

Google Pixel 2 launch

One can witness the Google Pixel 2 launch event on the 4th of October 2017.

Google Pixel 2 launch approaching amidst all the anticipation

Just when you thought that you need to be an influential person in the Silicon Valley to attend this event, Google proves you wrong. Just like the iPhone X launch, you can witness this launch without the need to be physically present there. For this, the tech giant has specially dedicated a website. Interested people can sign up on this website and will keep receiving updates about the same on their email. The date of this launch has been selected after exactly one year of the previous launch. We believe that even in future the company might stick to this launch date pattern.

The only drawback at the Google Pixel 2 launch is that Google hasn’t specified the facility of a live stream. We are guessing that this might be available in order to compete with the Apple event. Another reason behind this possibility is that last year as well they provided a live stream. Until now, one can only attain updates of the same.