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Pebble Time gets Broader Voice Recognition

Pebble Time– placing Past, Present, and Future on your fingertips. That is something, which we have heard before. The Smartwatch company Pebble, which launched itself over a Kickstarter campaign, once was a company ready to whip. In the year 2012, Pebble Time was able to raise 10 million dollars for its monochrome e-paper watch, simple, putting its company and the crowdfunding website in the public view. It made a history by getting an investment of more than 20 million dollars in just a month’s span over the crowd funding website- Kickstarter. The company had to face a tough time when Google, Apple, and other Smartphone companies joined the fray for manufacturing their own wearable Smartwatch device, which would be premium enough to suit in a high-end class of market. Apparently, Pebble’s $199 Smart Watch had to suffer as things in the technology world move very fast.

Pebble Time gets Broader Voice Recognition


Pebble Time 2

Most probably the biggest frailty when it arrives in Android Wear vs. Pebble Time Smartwatches counterparts- is restricted voice dictation for Pebble. Surely, there are messaging and few other facilities, but that is a normal part of it. The restricted functionalities aren’t anywhere as sturdy as that of Android Wear and Apple Watch, which means that you cannot use voice commands and launch apps within other applications. This is about to change from now onwards, Pebble has come up with a third-party program support Nuance, for commands over voice to its flagship lineup Pebble Time Steel, Pebble Time, and the soon to arrive Pebble Time Round. The features have been annexed through an entirely new development tool’s set, which allows the developers for Pebble Time to integrate commands directly into applications.


The latest from Pebble-the ‘Time’ already arrives with restricted voice command competencies, but the new development kit will allow a wide range of extensive voice command and application. Pebble has unveiled a latest Dictation API, which is Nuance-powered for voice recognition, and along with new tool kit set, developers will be able to draft a friendly voice command applications for the Time, Time Round, and Time Steel.

Pebble announced, “You speak and we listen, from keeping in touch hands-free to controlling smart homes and connected cars, the possibilities are endless. We’re excited to see what developers build with this sweet new tool.

Earlier TECHNOWIZE reported that the latest 3.6 firmware version has been released with Pebble Dictation API support. This will allow the users to pair their Smartwatch with Android and iPhone; it will be able to take the new voice features as an advantage while it starts appearing in the application. With this new Dictation, the developers’ will power their app, bringing the great hands-free experience, which Android Wearable and Apple Smartwatch users have been enjoying all the time.

The entire new set will include notification, stability improvements, and timeline. In order to update, all you need to do is, just hit the menu in Pebble app for iOS and Android, and tap ‘update your Pebble’. Balancing the combat between Pebble and Google Android Wear, Nuance has officially announced its partnership with Pebble in order to introduce their prime technology of voice recognition over the huge platform.


This new update has been made available for Pebble Time Steel, Pebble Time, and it will be made available for Pebble Time Round on November 8th.

The new features are quite cool and Pebble appears to be taking a giant leap to come up successfully amid the huge competition with rivals, but the question solely depends on you- The customers. What would you go for when it comes to Wearable brands?

Will it be Apple, Samsung, Google, or Pebble?

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