The US state of Pennsylvania recently launched its contact tracing application. The application named the ‘COVID Alert PA’ is built on Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification technology. In a press release uploaded on the government website, Pennsylvania officially made the announcement.

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that a state can be most successful when each person collaborates and works together to fight against the coronavirus. He believes that the new COVID Alert PA app will help everyone to play their specific role diligently. The COVID alert PA app is efficient when it comes to protecting user’s privacy and data and does not track the location or collect personal information of the users.

“The last seven months in the pandemic have shown us that we would become most successful when we unite against the COVID-19 virus and work together for the common good. I am extremely proud to be here with Dr Levine to announce the important new technology that will help us to do exactly that. Today, we are launching the COVID Alert PA mobile app. This app for tracing is a simple tech application tool a person can use to help fight COVID-19 virus every day, and anywhere they go. I encourage you to visit the app store and download it for free today to use it.”

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Dr Rachel Levine, the Secretary of Department of Health Pennsylvania, encouraged all the citizens to download the app so that every person could more quickly and respond to anyone who has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. “We all need to play a part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 virus, which is why I am focusing and encouraging every Pennsylvanian to add the application to their phone to the fight and download COVID Alert PA today. By utilizing this new app and technology, we can quickly notify more people who have been exposed to the virus. This innovative solution will also boost the COVID-19 response and give residents a new tool to stay calmer, alert and stay safe with the app in their hands.”

Dr Levine also stated that since the app uses Apple and Google’s technology, it does not track the location or collect any of personal information of the user. “We are extremely committed to and conscious about protecting the privacy and security of all Pennsylvania citizens. The COVID Alert PA application tool will not track the location or collect any personal information of the users. It is a simple exposure notification tool.

The contract tracing app uses Bluetooth technology to send any notification if someone has been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 virus. This is the same technology that the smartphone uses to connect to wireless Bluetooth headphones or the car. The app will never ask the user to turn on their locations.”

The COVID Alert PA system tracing app is available on the Apple’s App Store and the digital tracing app Google Play Store for free. It is a good tracking app for iPad and effective tracking app for Android. Since its launch, the app so far has garnered around 30,000 users.