Personal Safety Apps

Personal Safety Apps for Late Night Parties

What are the probable guesses that strike up your mind when we say personal safety apps for late night parties on the eve of New Year? It can be a Safety app, bar finder, blood-alcohol count indicator, and an app that places driver to your service while you are drunk.

The countdown has begun; New Year’s Eve is almost here. Let’s have a look at the list of personal safety apps that will keep you safe and secure while partying on a New Year’s night.

Personal Safety Apps for Late Night Parties


This is a small device that operates on a battery. You can identify whether your drink has been spiked or not, by just placing this USB shaped stick in your beverage. It will instantly warn you if your beverage contains drugs, like date rape drugs, and so on. A light located at the corner of the stick will immediately blink if traces of drugs are found. The device comes with a special application, which will update itself as soon as new drug elements are discovered. This device arrives on the top in the list of personal safety apps for a New Year’s night.

#Women’s Security App

women's safety

This app is specifically designed for women, in which they can make a voice recording of 45 seconds, which can be easily sent to their friends and families without any requirement of active interaction. Even if the network signal is fluctuating, the recorded message signal will be sent once the signal arrives. So, you can easily add this app in the list of special apps for late night parties during the New Year Eve.

#Foursquare App


Foursquare App (Screengrab)

This application is very helpful if you want to find a bar or a place to party. You can try the places based on recommendations by other users. It is a discovery service and a local search app. So are you having trouble finding out a perfect bar for you and your friends? Try this one out!



Now, people, you do not wish to wake up on the morning of 1st Jan to find yourself as a bankrupt person, do you?

With this app, you can easily find out happy hours, coupons for local bars, and drink specials, so when you wake up the next morning you don’t have anything to feel stress over draining finances, well, apart from your hangover of course.

#Designated Dialer

designated dialer

We all know how crazy a person can turn after a few glasses of drinks, back-sliding with your ex because of drunk dialing, drunk posting on your college professors’ wall, are few of those symptoms. With this application, you can easily put a full stop on drunk dialing once and for all. After you select the list of contacts, which you shouldn’t be calling no matter what happens when you are drunk; this app will easily edit your contacts for a time being, so instead of calling and abusing your boss, ex- boyfriend/girlfriend, and messy colleagues, you will reach a toll-free number. This will put you back in place.

#StearClear App


Obviously, you do not wish to end up your life behind wheels after getting heavily drunk on a New Year’s Eve. This app will use GPS service of your phone to locate you. As soon as you are located, they will send two people at your service and they will drive you home in your car safely. The main benefit is, you can easily pay using your credit card, so no hassle of cash.

#BrainWave Hangover Relief


This app efficiently synchronizes waves from your brains to a certain frequency by passing two audible frequencies for each ear. These frequencies after being effectively processed will be perceived as a tone matching to that of brainwaves of a human. Ranging from a focused and alert state to deep sleep, the low frequencies of your mind will be associated.

So, this was our list of special apps for a safer New Year. Go out, be safe, and have fun.

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