For pet owners, taking care of their pets, proper hygiene, vaccination, feeding nutritious food, etc. is of utmost importance to raise a healthy, happy pet baby. But one of their biggest concerns is leaving their pets alone at home due to other important responsibilities; which is sometimes heart-breaking for these pet parents. Now, how amazing it would be if you could talk and play with your pets while being away from home. If you think that this is just another thought popping in your head; then get ready to show some extra love to your pets for real, with Petcube Play. For all the pet parents of the globe, Petcube Play is a device making your dreams come true to interact with your pets directly from your smartphone. Wash away your worries of leaving your pet alone; because with Petcube Play, you will always be by their side from any remote corner.

Petcube Play – Because Your Pets Love Your Attention

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Petcube Play is a small interactive camera device which allows you to interact with your pets like talking, exercising, and watching them while away from home. It was launched in London, at the Wearable Technology Show. The Petcube app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems.

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Petcube App is Compatible with both iOS and Android Systems

Your pets can hear your reassuring voice with the help of a 2-way audio feature in Petcube devices. As well as, you can play and exercise with them by using the in-built laser toy. While the super busy pet parents can heave a sigh of relief as there is also an option for auto-play in this device; if they are unable to manually control it.

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Petcube Play is not just another indoor camera device, but it also has advanced camera features, which are specially designed for your pets. These features include a night-vision in camera, and 24*7 video recording so that users can stay in the loop of their pet’s activities. It also includes a motion and sound detection feature that can notify and alert the owners of any disturbing movements.

Thus, the pet owners can now stay at peace by being aware about the real-time activities of their pets.

Perfect for Your Modern Home

Pet owners also look out for gadgets which can complement their interiors. For which, Co-founder of Petcube, Andrey Klen, says that many pet products out there are not designed properly, and that Petcube’s design balances this. In addition to this, he also mentions that Petcube’s software and hardware is interactive, and easy to use; which blends with the modern interiors; while pets can take the advantage of a well-deserved extra attention.

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Moreover, you can be rest assured that your Petcube Play device will sit firmly on different flat surfaces; thanks to its well-finished rubber bottom. Along with this, you can mount it on a tripod for placing the camera device at a higher position.

Interactive Specifications-

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Petcube Play is Available in Three Colors

  • Compact Design (3*3*3 in dimension)
  • 2-way audio system
  • Sound and Motion Detection
  • 3x digital zoom
  • 1080 pixels HD video streaming and a 138 degree angle view
  • Service of video cloud recording with Petcube Care.
  • Built-in laser toy (certified as safe for both, humans and pets)

With Petcube Play’s easy-to-use model, now pet parents will be able to stay in touch with their pets’ on-the-go. Time to show your pets some extra attention!