Philips 55PUS7504/12 is a high-end smart TV from Philips, which got released in late-2019. It might not be the toast of tech-town, yet it’s a hidden gem indeed. If we take a close look at its salient features and the array of benefits it brings to the table, it will come out with flying colors as an absolute standout.

Philips 55PUS7504

Philips 55PUS7504/12, rated as one of the top smart TVs, is now available at a giveaway price on Amazon. [Image Credit: Philips]

Philips 55PUS7504/12 Specifications

The biggest plus of the premium smart TV is that it is equipped with the ultra-modern 4K UHD LED Android technology. Let’s unfurl what’s in store –

  • It is extremely lightweight and weighs only 16.3 kg.
  • The resolution is really enviable – 4KUHD (3840 x 2160 megapixels) that too, with a HDR 10+ compatibility.
  • You will have an extraordinary audio experience with Dolby Vision coupled with Dolby Atmos technologies.
  • It comes with excellent front speakers – 25Wof power, with automatic volume control and dialogue optimization meant for enhancing the cinematographic experience.
  • The viewing results are way too good, courtesy of its world-class image processing engine known as Philips P5 Perfect Picture.
  • It is also equipped with the Philips-exclusive Ambilight technology: an assortment of intelligent LEDs placed around the edges of the TV that project colors in real time being witnessed on the screen towards the surrounding walls of the room for a better sense of immersion.
  • You can control it remotely as it’s in sync with Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • It has brilliant connectivity with 4 HDMI 2.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. The fascinating smart TV also houses wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 4.2.

How Good Is the Longevity of Philips 55PUS7504/12?

The feedback has been quite positive so far and the global sales reports suggest that it was well appreciated by the market. Notably, Philips 55PUS7504/12 won accolades from experts apart from winning hearts in almost every nook and corner of the world. In a nutshell, it could be a sustainable solution and you can enjoy watching your favorite AV content on Philips 55PUS7504/12 for years.

Philips 55PUS7504/12 Offers

Searches for ‘Philips 55PUS7504/12 Price’ are at an all-time high. You would be amazed to know that Amazon is now giving a jaw-dropping discount on this top-notch smart TV from the trusted house of Philips. This out-of-the-world price drop will reduce its prices unlike any other time. In total, you will get a whopping $351.26 off on its base value.

How Long Will This Offer Continue?

There’s not much clarity over the tenure of this crazy offer. It could continue for weeks or just end within days. Best grab the deal while it lasts.

Philips 55PUS7504/12 Release Date

Though this flagship smart television released just before the pandemic in late-2019, it still remains one of the finest in the business. There have been numerous worldwide releases in this particular domain in the last two years, yet Philips 55PUS7504/12 can easily lock horns with any of the high-end smart TVs available in the market.

Should I Buy Philips 55PUS7504/12?

Taking the above-mentioned points into consideration, if you are looking for a premium 4K smart TV, then this might be the best bet for you. Look no further, log on to Amazon in order to avail the stunning offer before it’s too late.