Signify (earlier known as Philips Lighting) has released its Philips Hue Sync app, announced back in January CES this year. This free app now integrates Philips Hue Smart lighting with games, videos and music played on Windows 10 or macOS (Sierra and higher). One can also transfer the benefits of the new software to televisions via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay and Miracast.

Philips Hue Sync is specifically aimed to project premier spatial immersion, while we are completely involved in playing RPG action game this weekend. The Philips Smart lights can replicate the explosion sound or gunshots occurring on the connected screen. If not a big fan of actions, watch an interesting movie that has a sunset scene and now your room’s lights will reflect shades of orange and yellow.

Interestingly, Philips Hue Sync can also let smart lights dance to the beats played in your music app. So now your home parties will transform into a disco-like setting with dancing lights, surround sound system and lots of food & drinks. Meanwhile, the weekend vibes are just filling in.

Signify Philips Hue Sync

Sync the content on your computer screen with your Philips Hue Smart lighting. Source: Signify

“Following several entertainment pilots, we’ve refined the way lighting can be used with games, music and video,” Jasper Vervoort, the Head of Marketing and Product Management, Home Systems and Luminaires, commented in a release. “Philips Hue offers a unique way to simply match light effects to consumers’ content in a fast and synchronized way, delivering an engaging, immersive experience.”

Philips Hue Sync Application

The new Hue Sync application operates by simply pressing on your pressing desired mode – Audio, Video or Gaming available on the control panel. Your smart lighting system will now coordinate with the entertainment content playing on the PC or macOS.

Further, the app enables the users to tailor their lighting experience by selecting among Moderate, High and Intense modes. This feature sets the brightness level and momentum at which lights bounce parallel to audio/video content. Even one can alter the reflective color palettes ranging from dark red shades for to rock music to pink tints for softer tunes.

Smart lights Philip Hue Sync

The app enables the user to tailor the lighting experience by selecting among Moderate, High and Intense modes. Source: Signify

Teaming Up With Disney Music Group

Signify is the world’s leader in lighting for professionals and consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Correspodingly, it is known for pioneering Smart light technology exploring for in-and-out of the homes. The Philips Smart lighting system comprises bulbs, strips, spots, and control.

For now, Signify demonstrated the high immersive capacities of Philips Hue Sync app by playing ‘Immortal’ track of the new singing sensation, DCappella.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the team working on Philips Hue Sync with this 360-degree video, to showcase this next-level engagement with music video content. This technology enhances the vibrant color spectrum of DCappella’s ‘Immortals’ music video. It also brings their amazing voices to life in a brilliant sensory experience, available today in your home,” mentioned Rob Souriall, Vice President, Global Partnership Marketing at Disney Music Group.