Highly updated smartphones have made photography much easier and pocket-friendly. One need not carry various separate lenses to get a good shot; this compatible device almost solves the purpose. A major plus point of easy access to highly efficient cameras is that even laymen have started viewing things or locations from a different perspective. Clicking pictures on a regular basis helps to gradually develop the eye of looking at something in an artistic manner. Imagine you are on a holiday Dordogne Valley in France but right when you get to the highest spot, the natural light does not favor you. This makes the picture seem dark and the entire holiday seems a waste if you can’t even get a decent picture of the beauty that lies in front of you. Well, this is when the PhotoPills app comes in handy.

The quality of the photography mainly depends on the lighting and the angle of its origin. Even if you have an advanced camera, it is of no use if the natural light doesn’t support you. Shifting the position of the sun is practically impossible. But the PhotoPills app can help you know the ideal time to get the shot you wish for. It has attained the position of one of the best photography planning and most popular location scouting apps in the entire world. It allows the user to be prepared for the natural light of the given location according to his requirements. This proves that with technology, almost anything is possible. It also enables humans to move the celestial bodies for his convenience.

PhotoPills app

This app comes with various tools like location scouting and photography planning.

Features the PhotoPills app offers

The PhotoPills app has a variety of tools to solve the purpose of planning as well as shooting. This photo app helps the user to calculate the precise date as well as the time he wants depending on the requirement of his photograph. It also helps one calculate where to place the camera or give information about where the stars will align. Irrespective of the location, day, time, or even the genre of photography, the app aims to make things smoother for the photographer. After setting the time and day of the desired shot, the 3D augmented reality provides a view of this shot beforehand to get an idea how it will turn out to be.

The location scouting tool guides the photographers through Google Maps to reach the destination for the ideal shot. It also proves to be helpful to get back to the original location in case of an unknown vicinity. The PhotoPills app comes with a number of different calculators which assists photographers. This includes time lapse, long exposure, and star trails. This photo app is available on the iOS platform since 2013 at the price of $10. The company launched this app on Android platforms earlier this week at the same price with similar features. With such an app, photographers need not wait for hours or days to get the perfect shot. Some calculations and basic judgment will do the trick.