Every new generation of PicoBrew is aimed at providing an easier and affordable beer-making machine. But do you think there’s a vast improvement in the Pico Model C that we should buy the product at $550? Some Pico C Reviews suggests that the model has made beer brewing a more practical set-it-and-forget-it affair, while others insist the Pico Model C is just a few tweaks from the Pico Pro model.

PicoBrew introduced Pico Model C as a beer-making machine that’s easier to use and clean, considerably less expensive, and with new PicoPaks. But users are undoubtedly dealing with the loud sound and foolproof. I can attest that the Pico Model C is a beer-making machine that you can hardly mess up provided you follow the instructions – a confession you can get from not just one PicoBrew Pico C review. And the brew set up filter and keg is very easy to clean.

Pico Model C Design

The model has about the same dimensions with the Pico Pro since they both share almost the same PicoPaks (except a few new additions to the Pico Model C). It’s a black powder-coated machine that’s 15” x 12.5” deep and wide, and 16.5” tall – actually smaller than many microwaves as alleged by PicoBrew.


A great feature in Pico Model C is that it all users much connect to Wi-Fi, login to their PicoBrew account before using the device.

Pico Model C has an OLED display which is smaller than that in Pico Pro, with a menu knob beside the screen. Below the display is the lid and the filter. The tub (where the PicoPaks fit in) is plastic, and it has two hoses each with “in” and “out” label. At the top is a reservoir where distilled water can be added. There is no provision for extra storage. The accessories (packed differently) are a five-liter keg, racking tub, hop pack cradle, bucket, and brew keg. It also contains cleaning items such as detergent tab and a keg brush.

Is the model faster as alleged by most PicoBrew Pico C Reviews?

Well, this should be where PicoBrew has a big credit. Pico Model C made beer making easier in many ways. The entire process is faster; heating water, mashing, boiling and fermenting, they are a lot faster. You can brew a five-liter drinkable craft beer in less than an hour (including the cleaning). Most of the exciting features are as a result of the new PicoPaks; they make things easier while transferring your brew such as from boiling pot to fermenting keg and also to finishing keg.

A great feature in Pico Model C is that it all users much connect to Wi-Fi, login to their PicoBrew account before using the device. Yes! Brewing is impossible without an internet connection because the machine requires internet to ascertain the PicoPak recipe kit you have inserted, for access to the right brewing instructions and to send your brew in progress to the website portal.

Should I buy Pico Model C?

Most PicoBrew Pico C Reviews would suggest that you rather buy a lot of PicoPaks to save some bucks if you are ready to give in a lot of efforts while making a beer. Pico Model C makes the beer through one command.