Tech enthusiasts are always looking to the future the second they get done with the most recent launch, and the same enthusiasm is evident around the Pixel 9 renders leaked recently. The Google Pixel 9 design has kept evolving with each iteration but in very subtle and unassuming ways, and looking at the leaks preceding the Pixel 9 release, we seem to be heading towards a familiar but still somehow new approach to the smartphone’s design. It hasn’t been too long since the Pixel 8 was released—announced on October 4 and released on October 12, the earlier lineup received largely positive reviews from customers globally. 

Pixel 9 Render Leaks Reveal a Refreshed Camera Design That’s Still Typically Google

Ever since its initial phone launch in 2016, the company’s smartphone offerings have remained a niche player in the market according to Statista, with their primary users in Canada, U.S., and Japan. Google reportedly only had 2.6 million shipments at the beginning of 2023, as compared to Apple’s 35 million number. The difference is quite stark but it is also quite evident that the iPhone is Apple’s main product line while Google relies on its other major services and platforms to do the heavy lifting. As such the Pixel 9 render leaks may not be fascinating to all Android enthusiasts, but there are sufficient numbers of people anticipating the device’s arrival.

Exploring the Pixel 9 Renders Leaks

Smartphone launches are always preceded by rumors and leaks that give us a sense of what to expect and with every passing year, they seem to get more accurate. While it is difficult to fully verify the veracity of each rumor, some sources are known to be more reliable than others and the Pixel 9 renders leaks from 91Mobiles are one such example. Obtained from tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer, more commonly recognized by the title OnLeaks, the Google Pixel 9 design details have been visualized through 5K renders from a 360-degree video that highlights the design of the vanilla Google Pixel 9. 

Pixel 9 Render Leaks Reveal a Refreshed Camera Design That’s Still Typically Google

Leaked renders of the Pixel 9 – OnLeaks and 91Mobiles

The Google Pixel 9 camera design appears to be the highlight of the recently leaked renders with the horizontal camera bar adapting the design of the last two Pixel series but featuring a raised oval bar instead of laying flush with the device. According to the Pixel 9 renders leaks, the upcoming smartphone series will be the first time the base model will also feature a triple-camera setup. The previous series had triple cameras reserved for the Pro lineup. This could include a telephoto lens, or a periscope-type zoom camera, for higher optical close-ups.

Apart from the blue/mint color featured in the renders, the Pixel 9 rumors also indicate that the phone will be smaller this time around. Along with a 6.1-inch display and an ultra-slim bezel, the phone will also feature a punch-hole camera on the front that should maintain the neat aesthetic of the front of the device. 

Pixel 9 Render Leaks Reveal a Refreshed Camera Design That’s Still Typically Google

Leaked renders of the Pixel 9 – OnLeaks and 91Mobiles

Other Pixel 9 Release Updates

The Pixel 9 renders leaks are only part of the conversation around the Pixel 9 series. Render leaks of the Pixel 9 Pro were also recently revealed by OnLeaks and MySmartPrice and the flat display and camera layout appear similar to what we discussed on the base Pixel 9 model. The display appears to be 6.5 inches, which is smaller than the 6.8-inch Pixel 8 Pro. While there is nothing confirmed so far about the devices, there are a few assumptions we can draw.

Leaked renders of the Pixel 9

Leaked renders of the Pixel 9 Pro – OnLeaks and MySmartPrice

The Pixel lineup releases are traditionally queued for October every year so we could see a similar schedule this year as well. The Tensor G4 chipset also sounds like an obvious upgrade from the G3 last year, but what changes that will involve is anyone’s guess. With the AI-heavy pursuits of every industry, on-device AI might be a feature of the smartphone but we have nothing to support the assumption so far. Apple has been taking it easy on the AI front but Samsung has been pursuing it with full force so what Google chooses might solidify the next smartphone trend this year.

This is only the first of the updates we’ve seen on the Google Pixel 9 camera and design and we’ll likely hear more about the device as we move on with the year. The Pixel 8 series was priced at $100 more than the previous series but another big price bump like that for the Pixel 9 will not be possible for the company if they want to atleast maintain their sales numbers this year.