Minimalistic trends are taking the world by storm and sleek gaming devices like the PS5 Slim review is about to cover are always welcome into our homes. Whether for the sake of aesthetics or an annual gaming setup upgrade, the new Play Station 5 might make a sweet new addition to your space—if you’re willing to spend some big bucks that is. The PS5 Slim release date was set for November in the U.S., a much-awaited upgrade since the original November 2020 release. The PS5 Slim’s specs and features are not significantly different enough from its predecessor for us to recommend the purchase, but maybe the compatibility of PS5 Slim for GTA online or its 1TB storage will change your mind.

PlayStation 5 Minimally Redesigned—PS5 Slim Review

(Image credit – Sony)

PS5 Slim Review: Unofficially Tagged the “Slim”

Sony hasn’t made any commitments to the PS5 Slim tag and the device is still called the PlayStation 5 by the company. This might be an attempt to phase out the relevance of the older model and flood the new cycle with the new model as their main offering but regardless of the reason, the PS5 Slim title has settled into everyone’s vocabulary. Let’s break down the specs and features in this PS5 Slim review so you can make the most of your money.

Size Matters—PS5 Slim Review

According to Sony, the PlayStation 5 has been sized down by 30 percent in volume and 18 percent and 24 percent in weight as compared to its predecessors. The glossy finish on the upper panels and matte finish on the lower ones provide some contrast within the sleek, concave white design. A potential PS5 release date for colorful console covers has been hinted at for early 2024, with matte black, volcanic red, cobalt blue, and sterling silver options set for launch. The PS5 also features a magnanimous 1TB SSD, which is pretty impressive internal storage. 

PS5 Slim Digital Edition vs the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive

The PS5 Slim is available in two forms, with and without the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive. While the Digital Edition is much sleeker and easy on the eyes, the Blu-ray disk drive, while oddly designed, can heighten the versatility of the PS5 for those who want to expand the functionality of their PlayStation 5. While both are currently available with a $50 price difference in the U.S., those with the Digital Edition can rest easy knowing that the modular device can be expanded later if they so desire—with $79.99 necessary to make the disk drive purchase. As far as our PS5 Slim review goes, it does make a lot more sense to invest in the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive right from the start.

PS5 Slim Price

The PS5 Slim, priced at $449.99 for the Digital Edition and $499.99 for the Blu-ray Edition, is a big investment. The separate disk drive is priced at $79.99 for those who want to install the disk drive on the Digital edition themselves. While the company remained vague about the exact PS5 Slim release date, the device is available at select retailers like Walmart, Target, GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy. 

The PS5 comes with a horizontal stand by default but for the majority of PS5 users who prefer the vertical setup, the circular stand comes at a cost—$29.99 to be precise. The device is relatively stable even without the stand but for a stand-alone setup with no support on either side, a stand might be necessary for stability. It’s an unnecessary move by Sony, to say the least.

PS5 Slim vs PS5—Is There A Reason to Upgrade?

Rumor had it that the PS5 Slim would be a good option for gamers who were hoping for an upgrade in the PS5 Slim specs and features but these are largely unproven so far. The capabilities of the PS5 Slim, other than a slightly larger storage and small appearance, are largely the same as the older model. Many were eying the PS5 Slim for GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced, as the PlayStation 5 is a good system for the game, however, there is nothing to differentiate the two models in terms of internal handling. For those who already own a PS5, the PS5 Slim for GTA 5 is an unnecessary investment. For those who do not own a PlayStation, the PS5 Slim is well-suited for GTA and gaming in general, and purchasing and reviewing the PS5 Slim might then be a worthwhile endevour. 

In terms of design, yes the PS5 Slim reviews do unanimously agree that the Slim is not as bulky and imposing as its predecessor, however, the design structure does remain largely the same. In terms of storage, the original 825 GB SSD has been expanded to 1TB, but the difference is not significant enough to prompt a repurchase. 

Overall, the PS5 Slim price is right for its capabilities, and the Ultra HD Blu-ray disk drive version appears to be a better investment between the two variants. If this is your first time investing in a PlayStation or you want to move up from the PS4, the PS5 Slim is definitely worth considering. The PS5 Slim specs and features have ensured a good experience in the older model and will continue to do so, even allowing you to experience GTA via the PS5 Slim.