Source: Polaroid

There was a time when the Polaroid Company was done with all its fame as the digital camera revolution entered the market with giants like Nikon, Canon, and many more. The ill-fated doom for camera lasted for quite a longer while. But now it is making a grand comeback, which is going to revive the nostalgia of printed photograph through compact, small, and classic instant cameras that were used in 80’s and 90’s.

The latest camera that is originating from its mother root brand Polaroid is named as Snap, which is compact, fun, and cheap. The new camera Polaroid Snap is unlike the other cameras on the market that are available for digital point shots. It is designed specifically keeping sharing and having the fun ability in mind, similar to our high-school days when we used to get a hard copy of photographs and keep it as a memory instead of keeping it somewhere in phone’s gallery like we all are used to nowadays.


Source: Polaroid

The Polaroid Snap lets you click a picture and take an immediate print out as a hard copy of the photo without using any print Ink technology. You can easily hand it to your friends and family on the spot rather than using Wi-Fi or Internet to share it online on Facebook, Instagram, or such applications. The 10MP camera has a Photo Booth mode, you can easily activate it and click 6 continuous shots in a single take of 10 seconds, like the machines at mall and supermarkets do. These assets symbolize the rendition of the classic instant camera by Polaroid. This Polaroid camera cannot record video. Users will be able to get images in three different modes that are, Vintage, Black & White, and Color, and it will be available at a dramatically low price of $99.

Earlier Technowize reported, due to unavailability of Wi-Fi or Internet in Polaroid Snap, there is an availability of 32GB Micro SD storage facility to save images. Using a cable or card reader, you can easily upload the pictures on the web later.

Source: Polaroid

Source: Polaroid

The main aim of the company behind this is to revitalize the old Polaroid times, take a world-renowned brand name to a newer platform and issue latest products under the same name to revive the era of classics.

The main questions that keep hanging like daggers above everything are:

  • In the world where Smartphone and digital cameras are dominating the pace, will people chose to buy this instant camera Polaroid Snap instead of those with instant share function?
  • Will people buy a camera, which is not having the internet that directly signifies to a connectionless camera in a connected world of people?
  • Will Polaroid be able to regain its mass popularity after reviving its original blockbusters?

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