Burning calories is the secret of a successful weight loss program. Though we regularly work out to lose that excess fat, we hardly know how many calories we have burnt in a day to have an effective weight loss program. In such a time, the calorie counting app to track calories intake comes handy! With the calorie counting apps, you can regulate and know the number of calories burnt in a day. Moreover, these calorie counter apps also provide excellent insights into nutritious eating for a successful weight loss.

Top-Rated Calorie Counting Apps

Technowize editor Olivia Miller has sifted through a hoard of calorie counting apps to bring to you the most popular choice among health-conscious Americans. Have at it.

My Fitness Pal

This is the most popular calorie counting app in the tech world today. The app effectively tracks the weight and calculates the regular calorie intake. The app also has a well-designed food diary as well as an exercise log to maintain a proper database.

Additionally, it also highlights the recommended calorie intake for the person and how many calories a person has burnt in a day. It also tracks the progress of the fitness goals of a person and allows them to connect with fellow users on a chat forum. MyFitnessPal has an extensive nutrition database, with more than 5 million foods. The person can also download recipes or create custom foods and dishes in the app.

Lose It

This is another efficient health tracker that has an easy-to-use food diary and an exercise log. The users can also connect a pedometer or any fitness device with this app. Lose It offers a personalized recommendation of a regular calorie intake based on the weight, height, age, and fitness goals of a person. The calorie tracker app has a comprehensive food database, and users can add new food items and recipes in the food dairy. There is also a barcode scanner in the app for packaged foods where common foods are saved for future reference. The app offers a weight regulate recommendations on a graph, as well as chat provisions for the user to connect with fellow people. There is also a “challenges” tab in the app, which allows users to participate in dietary challenges or create their customized nutritional challenge.

Fat Secret

This is a free calorie track counter. The app includes a multitude of features for users like a food diary, nutrition database, healthy recipes, exercise log, weight chart as well as a journal. The app features regular calorie intake for a person, as well as the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in a proper diet. There is also a monthly summary view, which highlights the total calories consumed by the person every day and averages every month. A chat community in FatSecret also allows users to connect with fellow users. Users can also access to several informational articles and tips on varied topics.


This user-friendly app offers exact serving sizes for a person along with a robust exercise database. For pregnant or lactating mothers, they can also select a customized profile depending on their higher calorie needs.

One can also log in to their specific diet on the app in the food diary, and the app will suggest recommendations on that diet. The bar chart below the food diary shows the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins of their regular diet.  Cron-o-meter calorie tracker app is specifically useful for tracking micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.


This app helps in tracking nutrition, activities as well as fitness goals and progress. The app has a simple and straightforward food diary- if a person has the same food daily, they need to paste it rather than rewriting again. SparkPeople’s app has a global community and vast resources, including recipes, health news, and updates, exercise demos as well as articles on varied topics by health and wellness experts.

Calorie tracker apps are handy for people trying to lose, gain, or regulate weight. Get the calorie tracker on your smartphone and start logging your nutritional and calorie needs now!