There was a time when we used to begin our day with some exercise and spending time with our family. It was a daily ritual to wake up one’s body through this exercise and then join the family for breakfast. Morning rituals are still prevalent but they have been altered with the changing times. Now instead of first heading to finish our morning chores, we need to check all our gadgets if they have enough battery to last the entire day or not. On an average, one owns a smartphone, a laptop, a smartwatch, a power bank, and at times even an electric car. Charging these devices will occupy almost your entire home’s plug points. You can spare one of these plug points by owning the PowerWatch.

Living in the smart era, we all are well acquainted with the fact that if one uses more features on a device, that device eats up more battery. Same is the case with your smartwatch. Taking this problem into consideration, Matrix Industries has come up with a new kind of smartwatch. The PowerWatch is a solution to all your battery woes. One need not worry about running out of battery or even charging it all night. All you need to do is keep it close to your body, physically.


The PowerWatch is a solution to all your battery woes.

PowerWatch needs no power

Gone are the days when you need to charge another battery so that it can work as a portable charger for your gadgets when the needs arise. With the PowerWatch, all you have to do use it to make sure you never run out of battery. Matrix Industries has designed this smartwatch in such a manner that it charges itself with the help of one’s body heat. A number of scientific studies have proven that body heat can act as a source of energy if channeled in the right manner. This is exactly what Matrix Industries did.

The makers of PowerWatch proudly claim that this smartwatch consists of the world’s lowest power-consuming microprocessor. With the help of this microprocessor, the smartwatch takes in the body heat. It later converts it into power which can be consumed as an energy source. This watch can track your steps, sleep quality, show the time, set reminders, and contains a stopwatch. The pre-booking for this device has already begun. It is available at an early bird price of $169 for the simplest model out of the range.