Last month, VIZIO Inc. started shipping the best TV of its lineup – P Series Quantum TV, a direct challenger to the Samsung Electronics’ QLED TV range. The 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD), Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) P Series Quantum TV is entitled “VIZIO’s Best Picture Ever”.

VIZIO’s 2018 flagship Smart TV comes in a 65-inch screen size only. The company design team believed that the 75-inch TV would not be able to match the performance level of the 65-inch display, and hence unable to meet their standards of value. On the other hand, going down the 65-inch screen size would not do justice with advanced picture technology.

The 65-inch VIZIO Quantum TV model is available for $2100 at all major retail stores and, following the tradition of delivering high performance at the competitive price. To put it in other words, the high-end VIZIO P Series Quantum TV costs nearly $500 lesser than Samsung 2018 Q7F 65-inch LED TV.

Besides VIZIO P Series Quantum TV and Samsung QLED Series, the other contender in the price bracket of $2000 is LG OLED TVs and Sony X900F OLED Series, though both of them fall short of quantum-like picture quality.

VIZIO P Series Quantum TV

Other than controlling the VIZIO’s best Smart TV with remote, one can discover the content on it through VIZIO SmartCast mobile app also. Source: VIZIO

VIZIO Best Smart TV Design

The VIZIO Quantum TV is equipped with invisible bezel panel (0.35 inch) around the 65-inch big display, depicting an immersive viewing experience. However, the company highlights this thin bezel equivalent to bezel-less design.

The maximum thickness of the latest VIZIO Quantum TV is 2.72 inch. The built quality of the TV is sturdy, reinforcing no-breakage appearance.

The attached stand has a metallic finish and a wide space between the legs of the TV points out that the buyer needs to have enough big space to place it, otherwise mounting the big screen on the wall seems to be a better idea.

Similar to non-quantum P Series TV structure, VIZIO latest TV range gets an exhaustive selection for connectivity on the rear side: 5 HDMI inputs, 3 USB ports, optical/digital audio outputs, and others. The remotes of both types of VIZIO TVs are equally identical too.

So, if VIZIO places P Series TV and P Series Quantum TV adjacent to each other, it may become difficult to distinguish between them on the basis of exterior design only. The major difference lies in the picture quality of the Quantum TV.

Best smart TV Vizio

VIZIO’s 2018 flagship Smart TV comes in a 65-inch screen size only. Source: VIZIO

Highlights of VIZIO P Series Quantum TV

While VIZIO impressed the world with 2018 P Series TV range launched earlier in June, the latest Smart TV series put a spotlight on the word – Quantum. America’s Smart TV Company claims that P Series Quantum TV can reflect up to 2000 nits of apex brightness, which, in turn, makes it the brightest TV available in the marketplace now.

Furthermore, the cutting edge Quantum Dot technology configuration gets cinematic color intensity with over one billion colors on VIZIO’s best Smart TV. It is the same technology which inserts ‘Q’ in the Samsung QLED Smart TV family.

Equally important is VIZIO’s powerful wide array LED backlit system broken out of 192 local dimming zones presenting optimal clarity and contrast on the 65-inch big display. In detail, the said feature facilitates the big screen to differentiate between the dark and light sections, leaving no space for gray areas.

The display resolution of 3840 × 2160 combined with improved Spatial Scaling engine supports Dolby Vision HDR visual content. This technical arrangement on the VIZIO Quantum TV series elevates every visual detail to the life-like clarity and subsequently boosts TV viewing experience.

Besides offering advanced color spectrum and stunning contrast, the all-new VIZIO Smart TVs are embedded with Octa-core processor for propelling speed and performing multiple complex tasks at one time. The Effective refresh rate of 240Hz compliments the powerful processor and hence ensures the picture quality is smooth, consistent, stable and seems more natural – favorable display properties for regular gamers.

Though available in single size, VIZIO P Series Quantum TVs leaves out a huge consumer base, its world-class picture quality definitely going to entice AV enthusiasts and movie buffers.

VIZIO Quantum smart TV

The inbuilt Chromecast capability lets the owners mirror and enlarge the content from mobile or laptop on VIZIO Quantum TV. Source: VIZIO

Digital Voice Assistant Support

The P Series Quantum Smart TV is built with integrated Google Chromecast and it even supports SmartCast OS which acts as an intuitive Smart TV interface, a feature similar also present in non-Quantum P Series TV.

“VIZIO SmartCast OS not only expands discovery and streaming options so consumers can watch content they love from their favorite apps but also serves as an ideal centerpiece to any Smart home with easy-to-use voice-control support through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant,” mentioned Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer of VIZIO.

So the owners can boot up or shut down VIZIO Quantum TV or set volume with simple voice commands using smart home speakers – Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The users can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play and other thousands of apps for entertainment on VIZIO’s best Smart TV. They can also browse the websites via Google Chrome, share pictures or listen to music on the Quantum TV. In the case of Google Home, they can perform these tasks by voice commands.

In fact, the inbuilt Chromecast capability lets the owners mirror and enlarge the content from other portable electronics such as mobile or laptop on P Series Quantum TV.

Other than controlling the VIZIO’s best Smart TV with remote, one can discover the content on it through VIZIO SmartCast mobile app also, compatible on both iOS and Android devices.