Ever wondered what was like life before technology? Well, it was frustrating, to say the least. How did one date someone from two towns over? How did people make on-the-go travel plans? How did people find out what routes had major traffic on their way back home from office? Times have changed. We now live in an age where every aspect of our existence can be monitored, analyzed, and recorded – all to make things easier in the longer run. From our calorie intake to heartbeats, everything is monitored with the help of simple smartphone apps.

Some may say that smartphone apps are highly intrusive. Now that’s open to debate. But we do know that there are several apps out there that have improved our lives. With this in mind, here are 3 quarantine apps that no technophile should be without.

Quarantine Apps For Technology People


CovidWatch app is created and developed in collaboration with Stanford University and empowers people to protect themselves. Users don’t need to share their private data, and the app uses Bluetooth signals to detect users when they are near each other and alerts users anonymously if they were in contact with someone who has tested positive. One of the distinguishing features of CovidWatch is that any third-party won’t be able to track which person was exposed by whom. The CovidWatch app is one of the first apps to release an open-source protocol for privacy-preserving and decentralized Bluetooth contact tracing.


This is an official app for the popular Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks in the United States. The application transmits sports beyond the USA and is available across the world. Through the app, sports fans can get minute scores, news, watch games of different sports and many more. There are also various podcasts and video records of the sporting program. Users can customize the app by selecting their favorite leagues and teams and even set alerts for breaking news about a specific league or championship.


This coupon app allows you to sync your shopping list with friends and family and merge the requirements to earn more fabulous deals and offer coupons. Grocery IQ is a full-featured grocery list application where you can make a shopping list, search and view the tickets for the

listed items, add the store’s loyalty card, and earn tokens. There is also a ‘favorites’ list in this app which highlights the history of the past shopping, and it lets you add items to the list by scanning one or more product barcodes or a store locator.