Razer is pushing for a very remarkable position in the gaming industry and no one would doubt how far the company has gone to achieve that. Razer has just unveiled its latest Blade gaming laptop referred to as the world’s smallest 15.6-inch gaming laptop. Of course, the previous 14-inch screen was increased to improve the visual experience and the footprint grew by 0.4 inches to accompany the design. But the side bezels were slimmed down to 4.99mm installed in a 0.66-inch thin body. The sexy-looking gaming laptop is basically 3% smaller than the previous 14-inch Razer Blade. Alongside with the new laptop, Razer is also unveiling its new Core X external graphics enclosure which can be used to boost the experience to a desktop.

The new upgrades in Nvidia’s MaxQ low power consumption were taken advantage of by Razer and the company has significantly reduced the price for graphics enclosure by 40%. Individuals that are not convinced about owning a battle-station or workstation can take advantage of the unit for immerse experience on different units.

Along with the 4.99mm side bezels, the new Razer Blade has 17mm bottom and 10mm top bezels, surrounding a 15.6-inch HD touchscreen with 1,920 x 1,080p and 144 Hz refresh rate. The sRGB color can be adjusted to 4K (3,840 x 2,160) and it supports 100 percent Adobe RGB color.

In a briefing, Razer global director of product marketing for systems, Kevin Sather said each of the laptop display is custom calibrated to offer amazing color accuracy. “Every screen that comes off the line in the factory will have custom calibration and you can always return it to that calibration,” he said.

The screen also embodies a scratch-resistance in a black finish and the Blade which weighs 4.6 pounds has highly advanced heat dissipation technology. Heat is controlled in the laptop by a newly deployed vapor chamber technology which replaced traditional heat sinks found in most gaming laptops. Heat generated by the unit components is dissipated by the vacuum-sealed vaporized liquid. The touchpad which matches with precision by Microsoft is slightly bigger and features improved accuracy and gesture support. It has a full-size layout keyboard with shorter travel depth; though it shares the same amount of actuating force with the previous Blade.

Inside the Razer Blade is the new 8th generation Intel Core i7 – 850H processor which has up to 1.4GHz turbo speed and six cores. Graphics options are available for 1060 or 1070 Nvidia GeForce GTX 10. The unit is installed with a dual-channel memory system of 16GB and 2667MHz for multitasking. Installed also is the fast PCIe SSD storage (up to 512GB) which supports up to 2TB storage capacity. The new Razer Blade allows up to three external displays; the Thunderbolt 3, HDMI and Mini Display Port. Peripheral devices can be connected through three USB 3.1 ports.

The new Razer Blade price is $1,900 and the latest Razer Core X is available for only $300. Owners of the new Razer Blade (limitedly) have access to $420 worth of software and games, with immersive VR titles included.