Razer’s suite of peripherals for productivity has been updated with the new Pro-type Ultra wireless keyboard, the Pro Click mini wireless mouse and the Pro Glide XXL wireless mouse mat.

 This blog will be looking specifically at the Pro-Ultra wireless keyboard and the new exciting functions and features to watch out for.   

The Pro-ultra Wireless Keyboard   

This Pro type Ultra comes at a $160 cost compared to the $139 existing Pro type. A leather wrist rest, the ability to use the keyboard wired and wireless are all the new upgrades that increase the price. Razer made sure to remove the click and tactile sound on the keyboard, making it quieter. Some other tweaks include: 

  1. Backlighting: White LEDs  
  2. Weight: 2.3lbs with cable (1038g)  
  3. Switches: Razer Yellow  
  4. Size: 17.3×5.2×1.6 inches  
  5. Connectivity: USB-C to USB-A cable, Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz dongle  
  6. Price: $160  
  7. Other specs: Detachable wrist rest, detachable USB-C to USB-A cable.   

Razer Pro-type

 One Keyboard, Four Devices  

At $160, you can pick up the Pro type ultra and have it constantly connected to four devices. Now, this is some exciting Razer improvement. While using the wireless dongle, the PC switching is way easier. Looking at the keyboard’s top edge, a flip on the switch would give access to a wired mode, 2.4 GHz (dongle), or Bluetooth.

The dongle functions with Razer’s HYPER SPEED tech, one used by the company for gaming functions. As a result, less lag when in use would be experienced. Note that dongle storage is essential for people who tend to lose things quickly.  

Type Ultra Battery Life  

If you seem stuck in picking between the Pro type ultra and the Pro type, here is a way that may move your thoughts towards considering the type ultra as it is proposed to have longer-lasting battery life.  

  • No backlight (Pro type-ultra): You get to enjoy up to 214 hours while in use over a Bluetooth connection and about 207 hours over a dongle connection.  
  • No backlight (Pro type): You get to enjoy about 84 hours over a Bluetooth connection and 78 hours over a dongle connection.  
  • Maximum brightness (Pro type-ultra): You get to enjoy over 13 hours of dongle/ Bluetooth connection.  
  • Maximum brightness (Pro type): 12 hours over dongle/ Bluetooth connection.  

This is an excellent reason to look the way of the Pro type-ultra as it is sure to give extended battery life.  

Razer Pro-type Wireless keyboard

Linear Switches  

The new linear switches are one feature that aided in topping the price of the Pro type-ultra. In addition, the type-ultra now has yellow switches with additional soft foam to make the keyboard sound less loud when in use, unlike the Pro type, which has the orange switch with no foam. Based on specifications, we have the following:  

  • Razer Pro type-ultra (Yellow switches): This comes at 45g of force to actuate, 3.5m travel total, 0 mm actuation vs. reset point, and 1.2mm actuation point.  
  • Razer Pro type (Orange switches): This comes at 45g of force to actuate, 4mm travel total, 0.05 mm actuation vs. actuation reset point, and 1.9mm actuating point.  

Based on these specs, the Razer Pro type-ultra with yellow switches should feel more effortless because of its lower travel distance.  

The Wrist Rest  

The wrist rest is the most notable difference between the Pro Type and the Pro Type Ultra designs. Unlike other tech designs of Razer’s expensive keyboards, the Pro Type Ultra wrist rest isn’t magnetic. Still, it can successfully stand up to relentless, weighted-fingered typing. That is thanks to the six thick rubber feet, which aren’t just stuck to the bottom but into the body of the keyboard. Moreover, are they integrated (as under the actual keyboard where you have the feet.).  

The wrist rest’s leather covering feels soft. But bumps into the hard underneath plastic would seem unavoidable over time.