GTA fans rejoice because, after months of leaks making their way around the internet, Rockstar Games confirmed the upcoming release of a GTA 6 trailer. The release date for the trailer has been set for Tuesday, 5 December and gamers whether serious or casual have been waiting since the initial announcement that GTA 6 was “well underway” in February 2022. The original Grand Theft Auto set off a gaming revolution when it was released in 1997. Since then, each iteration of the open-world driving game has only expanded on its storyline and its playable devices, growing a fanbase like no other. 

Ready to Rumble? GTA 6 Trailer to Drop on 5 November

Promotional stills from Grand Theft Auto 5 (Image credit – Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games GTA 6 Trailer Release 

From setting off internet trends where people practiced their GTA character walks, to fans hypothesizing about GTA 6 signs on every single post made by the company, the game has stayed relevant, regardless of what competitors have been doing to steal their attention. Statista reports that the last iteration of the game, GTA 5, was a bestseller for Rockstar Games, with 185 million units sold since its initial release. Since GTA 5 in 2013, fans have been impatiently waiting for another addition to the series and if the reaction to the GTA 6 leaks is anything to go by, the Rockstar games GTA 6 edition will probably be another bestseller. 

“In 1998, Rockstar Games was founded on the idea that video games could come to be as essential to culture as any other form of entertainment, and we hope that we have created games you love in our efforts to be part of that evolution.” 

—Sam Houser

Sam Houser, co-founder and president of Rockstar Games, has been building up anticipation around the game since an 8 November announcement on the Rockstar Games website. With the GTA 6 trailer scheduled for release on 5 November at 6 am PT/9 am ET/2 pm GMT, we’ll probably have an official account of what the design and GTA 6 gameplay is going to look like, but the GTA 6 leaks have been keeping us occupied while we wait.

Investigating the GTA 6 Leaks

The GTA 6 leaks in September 2022 were a massive shock for fans and Rockstar games alike, with many uncertain about the veracity of the 90 videos and images that had been dropped on a GTA forum by user TeaPotUberHacker. The company then confirmed that the data had been obtained through a “network intrusion” by an unauthorized third party. While many fans were ecstatic about real evidence of GTA 6 in the works, the team was obviously disappointed. The matter grew in seriousness when the reported hacker blackmailed the company and threatened to leak GTA 6 source codes if demands were not met, but recent reports suggest that matters have been finally put to rest. A teenage hacker, part of a larger hacking group Lapsus$, was arrested for the entire incident as well as for multiple other data breaches at companies like Uber and Nvidia.

You would think that this would mean the end of Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 woes but reports now indicate that GTA gameplay footage was leaked by a family member of one of the developers, who uploaded videos of himself playing the game. This remains unconfirmed and X/Twitter user GTABase has speculated that it could be a third-party player masquerading as someone with insider information. Not only did this leak reveal some of the GTA 6 gameplay but also the game’s open-world set-up this time around. Thankfully for the company, the screenshots and videos still circling the internet are quite hazy and barely give anything away, but Rockstar Games has still been busy scraping the internet for any remaining footage. since the original GTA 6 leak. 

Many have speculated that the company has likely changed up at least some elements of GTA 6 gameplay since then, but the extent is unclear just yet. The GTA 6 leaks suggested that the game would make a return to Vice City and could potentially have a female protagonist this time around. There has also been evidence that the company has really upped their game with the loading time, making it easier to switch between scenes and the two protagonists seamlessly. 

If you’re not a fan of spoilers, it’s probably a good idea to stay off social media for the next few hours until Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 trailer officially drops so you can have the full experience of witnessing what the company has lined up for its upcoming release. The GTA 6 game may drop by the end of the year but it is more likely that we will see an early 2024 release if things go as planned. Regardless, GTA 6 is officially happening and we could not be more excited.