If there’s one thing we know about gaming fans, it’s that they’ll make the most of whatever information they’ve got, and the GTA 6 leaked map details are a good indication of that. After the initial game trailer was leaked and officially released last year, fans have been hoping and praying for more news on the latest edition of the Grand Theft Auto series. With little to go on from Rockstar Games, fans have been diving back into the trailer to search for the latest news on the open-world game. Additional GTA 6 map details were revealed by Redditors committed to understanding the game better, and from what we can see, the exploration map is set to the biggest one we’ve seen in the series. Let’s take a look at the conversation around GTA 6’s open-world size and the rising issues that have some fans worried.

GTA 6 map details revealed

Image: GTA 6 Trailer

Revving Our Way Across the GTA 6 Leaked Map Details

From the GTA 6 trailer released on December 4, 2023, Rockstar Games confirmed that the game would take us back to the fictional setting of Vice City in the state of Leonida, a Floridian location with a reputation for trouble. Another leak confirmed by the trailer was the inclusion of female protagonist Lucia for the first time, a Bonnie and Clyde-themed storyline apparent from the video. The latest news on GTA 6 we had back then came from leaked footage of a kid playing the GTA 6 game. All evidence indicates that a family member of Rockstar Games had gotten access to early versions of the game. The company was quick to take it down but once on the internet, always on the internet.

GTA 6 Map Details Revealed

New GTA 6 leaked map details indicate that there could be over a hundred locations to explore. The GTA 6 map details revealed that apart from covering Florida, the game will extend to the Gator Keys and land masses surrounding Vice City and the neighboring city of Georgia as well. Perceptive fans dove into a screenshot of the game where the protagonist Jason was driving around and noticed that Vice City was off in the distance, which clearly meant he was in another area that went beyond the bounds of the city. 

An X/Twitter account @Dead__exe has been credited with uploading additional footage from what the claim is from the game, but it is hard to verify their leaks, especially considering the account appeared to be temporarily suspended, putting an abrupt end to their “Posting 1 GTA 6 Leak every day till trailer 2 is released” series. The account had showcased videos from the clubs, movement details about the protagonist Lucia, and even a clip of Jason in a gun showdown. These leaks could have been actual bits of the game but how the user was able to access it remains a mystery, making it even harder to trust anything mentioned in these videos.

Why are GTA 6 Fans Worried about The Leaks

Details such as the GTA 6 leaked map details are a matter of excitement for many, but some fans prefer to see the complete picture from official sources rather than gorge on a piecemeal serving of rumors. The leaks bring down the excitement for many and fans worry that unconfirmed details may just ruin the experience of playing the game for the first time and seeing what it has to offer. Unfinished gameplay leaks could also hurt the game’s performance if they disappoint fans enough to consider skipping the game.

Rockstar Games has had a history of leaks and this hasn’t necessarily affected the game’s performance in the past, but every company still hopes to control their releases. Even before the trailer was released, a X/Twitter user @asimbawe had uploaded a video about the trailer and the Love is a Long Road song by Tom Petty that was featured in it. Many have wondered how the user could have gained access to these details before the official update. Fans have hypothesized that the early trailer leak could have occurred on YouTube’s end, but again, these are only rumors. 

Updates on GTA 6 development

Rockstar Games Makes Employees Return to Offices

To avoid further leaks and updates on GTA 6’s development, Rockstar Games has called employees back to the office. This should help prevent information from being stored on personal systems and reduce the chances of any online traffic being picked up by an outsider. It’s a good start and hopefully will be effective enough to prevent any further leaks but the move has faced considerable backlash for forcing workers back to the office. 

The latest news on GTA 6 has remained theoretical and Rockstar Games has not confirmed a timeline for the game release, only that a 2025 deadline was the most realistic of outcomes for the game. GTA 6 has been listed on the company’s website and there is evidence of a second trailer release in May, so we could receive official updates on GTA 6 development if we remain patient for another few weeks. Hopefully, these will be in the form of official information and not leaks and delayed April Fool’s pranks.