Okay, so a lot of changes are happening on the YouTube platform. First of all, it is launching a new music streaming service, YouTube Music on Tuesday, May 22. Secondly, YouTube Red, a paid membership service which offers an interrupted audio & video experience is now rebranded as YouTube Premium.

Google is fundamentally streamlining the world’s biggest online source of online audio-video content, YouTube. Let us check out what is exactly going on the offline site.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a new streaming service in the market dedicated specifically to music. But what’s the difference between YouTube Music, Spotify and Apple Music? It’s the YouTube appeal. YouTube Music offers access to official songs, albums, plenty of playlists and artist radio. All this is available along with an extensive database of remixes, live performances, covers and music videos existing exclusive on YouTube.

Now listen to your favorite music artist, watch Beyonce’s Livestream or discover the new music, it’s all here, at a single place, YouTube Music. To say the least, the largest online music streaming service, Spotify has got a direct competition from YouTube Music.

YouTube Music YouTube Red

YouTube Music is the new music streaming service in the market. Source: YouTube Official Blog

Still, quest for more? Type “that hipster song with the whistling”. With the help of Google AI, YouTube Music will search deep into the music library and will precisely find what you are looking for. That’s not it. The new music app will seamlessly discover new music depending upon the playlist history, geographic location (for instance, airport) or what activity they are doing (such as exercising). The home screen will dynamically adapt to the listener’s preference.

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music will appear in a brand new music-friendly mobile app and desktop player. The listeners will able to enjoy YouTube Music for free, and of course, it will be full of advertisements. To subscribe the ad-free version, i.e. YouTube Music Premium, the monthly charges are $9.99. The paid subscription also permits background listening and downloads.

Next, what will happen to Google Play Music? For now, it still exists, though its future is quite skeptical. The subscribers to Play Music by default obtain YouTube Music Premium subscription.

On May 22, YouTube Music will officially launch in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea. It will expand in further territories in near future.

YouTube Premium

Launched three years back, YouTube Red gets a facelift – in terms of name and price. It’s now YouTube Premium. Available now for $11.99 per month (US price), YouTube Premium gives access to an ad-free version of YouTube Music and YouTube Originals. It will also allow background play and downloads of videos available across YouTube’s huge library.

YouTube Red YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium Subscription Plan. Source: YouTube Official Blog

Simultaneously, the company will pour more content to the Originals. YouTube Originals library will get enlarged with comedies, dramas, reality series and action-adventure shows from the U.K., Germany, France, Mexico, and more.

There is good news for current subscribers of YouTube Red. They will get a direct subscription to YouTube Premium without incurring additional cost. This means they will get access to YouTube Premium in $9.99 (for the US). If you are still planning to subscribe to YouTube Red, this is it. Do it now at a reduced price.

Similar to YouTube Music, Premium will also first release in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea while stretching to the other nations soon.