For those gazing for a high-tech way to keep track of their well-being may be fascinated by this recent robotic pill-dispenser called Pillo. The augment of fitness trackers and exercise programs with an unusual following proves that we are frantic to get and stay healthy. An amalgamation of face recognition, machine oriented, automation and video conferencing make this robotic pill-dispenser a personal healthcare buddy that can even dole out daily vitamins and medication.

Robotic Pill Dispenser

Home Healthcare Robot – Robotic Pill-Dispenser

Digital health is soaring with leaps and bounds. It is not unknown that there’s an app for almost everything these days. What appears to have gone astray is a sole location that allows one to simply access the basic healthcare services required. Furthermore, this concept needs to judiciously incorporate health and wellness information to offer users with a holistic picture of their complete well-being.

Whether you’re a fitness buff, caretaker or someone who needs additional support, Pillo’s ultimate goal is to assist you live healthy. It can answer healthcare questions, sync with wireless and wearable devices, connect you with doctors, as well as a store and dispense vitamins or medication. It further sends reminders to help an individual stay on track and re-order pills when running low on stock.

Pillo Specifications

According to the parent company of the device, the system uses facial recognition and can detect the face and voice of every user in a home. Additionally, with this refined identity recognition technologies, the device makes sure that medications are dispensed for the right user at the right time, every time. Further this device securely stores up to 250 medium sized vitamins and medications in tamper proof containers within the device.

Pillo is intelligent and always learning. One can look for health and wellness questions and avoid scouring the Internet searching for answers. In addition to, this robotic pill-dispenser gathers data only from established sources, ensuring the latest and precise information accessible.

Pillo can sync with wireless and wearable devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. More interestingly, it sends a warning to the smartphone of the caretaker or member whenever they miss a dose. This robotic pill-dispenser also alerts users when their supplies are running low. It can further restock online. Moreover, it can answer health and wellness inquiries. It can connect the user with healthcare professionals through existing telemedicine, using its HD camera and microphones.

He can also send you or your caregivers reminders if you need a little help staying on schedule.

Below are some of the exciting additional features that we plan to develop in the near future:

  • Nutrition dashboard
  • Baby monitor
  • Stress management
  • Digital health reports
  • Calorie checker
  • Mobility detector

The Future Home Healthcare Hub

Robotic pill-dispenser Pillo is a super innovative platform. Like every smart-device its skills and functionalities will grow over time as creators assemble new and thrilling features. There’s truly no limit to this device’s functionalities. Pillo is currently the baby of an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. Home healthcare robot Pillo costs $599.